17 Nov 2018

Haryana Group-D Answer Keys (Evening) shift 17.11.18 Codes A B C D Part-i

HSSC Group-D Answer Keys (Evening) shift 17.11.2018 Codes A B C D Part-i

Q. Which of the following cities is famously called 'Scotland of India'?
Ans. Kodagu (Coorg)
Q. In October 1907 A State Level Conference was held by Lala Lajpat Rai and was called as 
Ans. Swadeshi Andolan 
Q. Find the missing letters from the options for BF, JN, RV, ZD, HL, ?
Ans. PT
Q. Home Rule League Agitation was started by
Ans. Annie Besant 
Q. If 21st of July was Saturday then 4th July was of the same year was?
Ans. Wednesday 
Q. The Andaman and Nicobar is separated by 
Ans. 10°N Channel 
Q. The age of father is  equal to the sum of the ages of his 5 children. After 15 years, the sum of the ages of the children will be twice the age of the father. Find the age of the father.
Ans. 45 years
Q. Which state in the following lies to the east of Haryana 
Ans. Uttar Pradesh 
Q. The famous actress Juhi Chawla is from ..... district of Haryana.
Ans. Ambala
Q. The High Court building of Chandigarh was designed by
Ans. Le Corbusier 
Q. Archeological discoveries at..... show that Haryana was a part of Mauryan empire
Ans. Sugh 
Q. Who among the following named for the most valuable player of Asian Games 2018 award?
Ans. Rikako Ikee 
Q. The under construction Mumbai Ahmedbad bullet train project is funded by 
Ans. Japan 
Q. Haryana was formed on the recommendations of .... Parliament Committee.
Ans. Sardar Hukam Singh 
Q.Which of the following Viceroy was associated with Ilbert bill controversy 
Ans. Lord Ripon
Q. Find the missing number in the sequence- 8, 4, 12, 6, 18, 9, ? 
Ans. 27
Q. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is located in 
Ans. Sultanpur 
Q. Below some fresh water bodies are given arrange them from larger to smallest quantity of water in it and select the right code
Ans. River, Ground Water-Ice caps 
Q. Thanesar ruled by Harshvardhana a Kind was in the vicinity of 
Ans. Kurukshetra 
Q. Haryana is the .... most populous State in India 
Ans. 17
Q. The eleventh State Assembly election took place during
Ans. 2014

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