15 May 2016

HSSC Solved Question Paper/ Answer Key Auction Recorder Exam.15.05.2016 Codes A B C D Advt.7/2015 Cat.19


Auction Recorder Exam. was conducted by HSSC on 15.05.2016.  
We are uploading the unofficial answer key for the help of candidates. Please confirm the answers with the official answer key to be uploaded by the HSSC after few days. 

Q. What is the storage area for e-mail messages called?
Ans. Mail Box

Q. The patterns of printed lines on most products are called-
Ans. Bar codes

Q. Which American Computer company is called big blue?
Ans. IBM

Q. The software that allows user to surf the internet is called a/an-
Ans. Browser 

Q. A term relating to sending data to a satellite is -
Ans. Uplink

Q. What is MAC ?
Ans. Media Access Control 

Q. Match the following-
A. Kanuwa Fair                    1. Faridabad '
B. Fair of Bhakt Pooran Mal  2. Gurgaon'
C. Sachcha Sauda Fair         3. Jind  
D. Fair of Chhadies (Sticks) 4. Karnal 
A. 1. Faridabad '
B. 2. Gurgaon'
C. 3. Jind  
D. 4. Karnal 

Q. According to Haryana Governments's sports policy 2015 the amount of money will be given to a gold medal winner in the Commonwealth Games is- 
Ans. 1.5 Crore 

Q. Which one of the following Countries was the partner nation in 29th Surajkund fair 2015 ?
Ans. Lebnon

Q. Thaneswar was the capital city of which of the following famous kings?
Ans. Harshvardhan 

Q. According to the Census of 2011 which district in Haryana has the highest number of women?
Ans. Faridabad 

Q. There are two taps to fill a tank while a third to empty it , when the third tap is closed they can fill the tank in 10 minutes and 12 minutes respectively, if all the 3 taps be opened the tank is filled in 15 minutes. If the first two taps are closed in what time the third tap empty the tank when it is full?
Ans. 8 Minutes and 34 Seconds 

Q. The LCM of 2 numbers is 2310 and their HCF is 30 if one of the number is 7X30, find the other number ?
Ans. 330

Q. 10 years ago Chandrawati's mother was 4 time older then her daughter, after 10 years the mother will be twice older then her daughter. The present age of Chandrawati is ?
Ans. 20 years 

Q. A lent Rs. 600 to B for 2 years and Rs. 150 to C for 4 years and received altogether from both Rs. 90 as simple interest, the rate of interest is ?
Ans. 5%

Q. If a:b = 2:3 and b:c = 5:7 then a:c = ?
Ans. 10:21

Q. In which part of the earth is value of 'g' is maximum ?
Ans. Poles 

Q. Which organ is called "graveyard of RBC" ?
Ans. Spleen

Q. Greenockite is the ore of which metal ?
Ans. Cadmium 

Q. Rain drops are spherical in shape due to ?
Ans. Surface tension 

Q. Pulsars are ?
Ans. Rapidly spinning neutron stars 

Q. Angle of friction and angle of repose are ?
Ans. Equal to each other 

Q. The mode of respiration in amphibians is- 
a) Buccal  b) Cutaneous c) Lung 
Ans. All of the above 
Note- According to HSSC Official Answer key  'B'

Q. Baking soda is -
Ans. Sodium Bicarbonate 

Q. Acid rain contains ?
Ans. Both Sulphuric Acid and Nitric Acid  

Q. If in a certain language ITNIETAM is the code for INTIMATE, which word has the code TREVNIETARBI ?

Q. 0.863X0.637+0.863X0.363=?
Ans. 0.863

Q. The average speed of a cyclist who covers 1st, 2nd and 3rd KM at 20, 16 and 12 KMPH respectively is ?
Ans. 15.32 KMPH

Q. The sum of all positive integrals multiples of 5 less than 100 is 
Ans. 950

Q. A piece of work done by 6 men and 5 women in 6 days or 3 men and 4 women in 10 days, it can be done by 9 men and 15 women in ...?
Ans. 3 days 

Q. If Sunil rows at the rate of five KMPH in still water and his rate against the current is 3.5 KMPH than Sunil's rate along the current is ?
Ans. 6.5 KMPH 

Q. If EXPANSION is written as 248537693 in a certain code how would PENSION be written in that code ?
Ans. 8237693

Q. Which one set of letters when sequentially placed at the gaps in the given letter series shall complete it ?
Ans. xazyy 

Q. If 'cook' is called butler, butler is called manager, manager is called teacher, teacher is called clerk and clerk is called principal, who will teach in class?
Ans. Clerk

Q. A man pointing to a photograph says 'the lady in the photo is my nephews maternal grandmother" how is the lady in the photo, related to the man's sister who has no other sister 
Ans. Mother 

Q. B is twice as old as A but twice younger than F. C is half the age of A but twice the age of D which Two persons form the pair of oldest and youngest ?
Ans. F and D

Q. Choose one word which can be formed from the letters of the given word 
And. Content 

Q. Address book contains ?
A) Email Address B) Phone Numbers C) People Names D) All of the above 
Ans. All of the above 

Q. .......ports connects special type of music instruments to sound cards ?

Q. A DNS translates a domain name into what ?
Ans. IP

Q. What is windows explorer ?
Ans. A file manager 

Q. Computers process binary numbers, which are compose of ?
Ans. 0s  and 1s

Q. When was the first e-mail sent ?
Ans. 1971

Q. Main memory is also known as?
Ans. Primary memory

Q. The term CRM means?
Ans. Customer Relationship Management 

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