17 Nov 2018

Haryana Group-D Answer Keys (Evening) shift 17.11.18 Codes A B C D Part-ii

Haryana Group-D Answer Keys (Evening) shift 17.11.2018 Codes A B C D Part-ii

Q. By the 1930s the congress had accepted the Hindustani ought to be the national language, Hindustani is a blend of
Ans. Hindi and Urdu 
Q. On which of the following hil range is the Doddabetta peak situated 
Ans. Nilgili Hills
Q. Haryana State shares its boundary with ... number of States 
Ans. 4
Q. Name the fluid tissue similar to plasma of blood but colourless and contain less protein 
Ans. Lymph 
Q. With reference to modern farming in India consider the following statements
Ans. 3 and 4 only
Q. Boo Ali Shah Kalandar was a 
Ans. Soofi Saint 
Q. Combination of Bagh and Phulkari is called as
Ans. Chope
Q. Find the word which is different from the other three options 
Ans. Panchtantra 
Q. Theatre on Bikes is a project started by  
Ans. Manish Joshi Bismil 
Q. It P(E)= 0.73 then probability of not E is
Ans. 0.27
Q. Yamuna River enters Haryana near....forest 
Ans. Kalesar
Q. Which of the following material has lower resistivity 
Ans. Silver#
Q. Arrange the following in the chronological order 
Ans. 2-3-1
Q. Value of Cos2 .....
Ans. 1/4
Q. The present day Haryana came under the control of British rule in the year
Ans. 1803
Q. Highly reactive metal among the following
Ans. Zinc
Q. Which of the following dose not constitute under balance of payment list
Ans. Grant given to Union Territories 
Q. Consider the following statements rgarding nuclear minerals and nuclear power stations 
Ans. 3 only 
Q. Regarding food Haryana is called as
Ans. Land of Rotis 
Q. Which is the smallest district of Haryana '
Ans. Faridabad 
Q. Find the number which is not like the other 
Ans. 12556
Q. Seven times a given two digit  number is equal to four time the number obtained by interchanging the digits and the difference of the digits is 3. Then the number is 
Ans. 36
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