18 Nov 2018

Haryana Group-D Answer Keys (Evening) shift 17.11.18 Codes A B C D Part-iv

HSSC Group-D Answer Keys (Evening) shift 17.11.2018 Codes A B C D Part-iv

Q. If 3x-4y+5=0 and 6x-8y+k=0 represent the same line then the value of k is
Ans. 10
Q. The distance between the points (a+b, a-b) and (a-b, a+b) are
Ans. Option 'C'    UR8b
Q. The age of father is equal to the sum of the ages of his 5 children. After 15 years the sum of the ages of the children will be twice the age of the father. Find the age of the father.
Ans. 45 years
Q. Three cubes each of the side 1.5 cm are joined end to end the surface area of resulting solid is 
Ans. 31.5 cm2
Q. Which of the following form an AP
Ans. Option 'D' 7, 7+UT2, 7+2UR2, 7+3UR2....
Q. If + means x, - means /, x means -, and / means .......
Ans. None of these 
Q. Area of the circle inscribed in a square of side UR2 cm is 
Ans. Option D 
Q. Fore brain is specalised for 
Ans. Smell 
Q. Which of the following statement is true with reference to cytoplsmic male sterility
Ans. Both A and B are correct
Q. Solution of the equation 
4UR5 x2+3x-2UR5=0
Ans. Option-C -2/UR5, UR5/4
Q. If ICE is coded as 17 then TEA is coded as 
Ans. 26
Q. Name the fluid tissue similar to plasma of blood but colourless and contain less protein
Ans. Lymph
Q. If P(E) = 0.73, then probability of not E is 
Ans. 0.27
Q. Seven time a given two digit number is .....
Ans. 36
Q. If -3 is the zero of the polynomial  f(x)=2x2............
Ans. -3
Q. The value of x and y satisfying the wquations 2(ax-by)+a+4b=0 and ....
Ans. Option B. x=1/2, y=2
Q. Mr. P started walking towards South.After walking 15 meters he turned to the left and walked 15 meters......
Ans. 15 meter
Q. In ABC, AB=7cm, AC=13cm and BC=2UR30cm then angel B is 
Ans. 90 degree
Q. Complete the analogy
Geometry:Euclid::Co-ordinate Geometry:?
Ans. Rene Descartes 
Q. Bleaching powder is 
Ans. CaOCI2
Q. Number of functional items or administrative powers given to Municipalities under 12th Schedule of the constitution is 
Ans. 18
Q. Shawl made up of embroidery work is called?
Ans. Pashmina
Q. An object 5 cm in length is placed.....
Ans. 8.6 cm behind the mirror 

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