17 Nov 2018

Haryana Group-D Answer Key (Morning) 17.11.18 Code A B C D Part-iv

HSSC Group-D Answer Key (Morning) 17.11.18 Code A B C D Part-iv

Q. If the equation x-2y=3 and 2x+by=6
Ans. -4
Q. Three cubes each of the side 205 cms are joined end to end the surface area of resulting solid is 
Ans. 87.5 cm1
Q. Area of the circle inscribed in a square of side a cm is 
Ans. Option-C
Q. A and B are friends and B is 2 years younger than A. A's father D is twice as old as A and B is twice as his sister C. The age of D and C differ by 40 years. The ages of A and B are respectively 
Ans. 26 yrs, 24 yrs
Q. Solution of the equation
UR3x2+11X .....
Ans. Option B
Q. If sec 0=4/UR7 ....
Ans. 20/7
Q. If GIVE is coded as 43, then TAKE is coded as
Ans. 37
Q. If 15 August was wednesday, then 1st August of the same year was?
Ans. Wednesday 
Q. Which of the following form an AP?
Ans.  Option D
Q. Ms X moves 20 meters in the East direction and then turn to her left and walks 15 meters and then turns to her right and moves 25 meters. Afte this she turns to her right and moves 15 meters. Now  how far is she from the starting point?
Ans. 45 meters

Q. Who among the following leaders moved Objective Resolution in the constitutional Assembly?
Ans. Jawahar Lal Nehru
Q. New States come to exists through union consolidation, confeferation etc. Here confefertion refers to 
Ans. Equal power sharing between Centre and States.
Q. The lake which is dedicated to Sun God is 
Ans. Surajkund
Q. Skill of archery was the test in the swayamvara of 
Ans. Draupadi 
Q. Damdama lake is situated in the District of 
Ans. Gurgaon 
Q. During the debate on citizenship in the Constitution Assembly a famous quote "There cannot be any divided loyalty" is said by?
Ans. Govind Vallabh Pant
Q. Mahabharata war was fought during 
Ans. 900 BC 
Q. The High Court has the jurisdiction under Article 226 for the enforcement of
Ans. Fundamental Rights
Q.In order to improve the condition of childern, .... has been implemented in Haryana. 
Ans. Integrated Child Development Project 
Q. During the freedom movement, who among the following revolutionary turned into a philosopher 
Ans. Aurabindo Ghosh
Q. Who among the following has been speaker of Haryana Vidhan Sabha for maximum number of times
Q. According to Haryana Municiple Amendment Act, any male member contesting under local bodies election, must posses .... as minimum education.
Ans. Matriculation
Q. The first Haryanvi Movie is
Ans. Dharti
Q. Joginder Singh is a litterateur from
Ans. Shahbad
Q. Which of the following statement is true regarding 97th Amendment in the Constitution
Ans. Both are wrong 
Q. Mustafabad is renamed as 
Ans. Saraswati Nagar
Q. The Champions of Earth Award is presented by
Q. Panchayat Raj Act came into existence pursuant to.....Constitutional Amendment Act.
Ans. 73rd

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