1 May 2017

Answer Key / Solved Question Paper Anganwadi Supervisor Female 30.04.17

Q.1. This is not example for non- contact force-
Ans. Force from friction. 
Q.2. Which of the following Lok Sabha seat comes under the general category?
Ans. Gurgaon.
Q.3. Today is Thursday. The day after 66 days will be-
Ans. Monday 

Q.4 Who is the writer of Satyarth_Prakashs?
Ans. Swami Dayanand 
Q.5. If ROSE is coded as 6821, CHAIR is coded as 73456 and PREACH is coded as 961473, what will be the code for SEARCH?
Ans. 214673
Q.6. In which field is Sri Dinanath Batra's contribution the most?
Ans. Education
Q.7. If nC4=nC3, then the value of n is-
Q.8. In which place of Rewari district is the slate stone found?
Ans. Kund
Q.9. If Blue is called Green, Green is called white, White is called Red and Red is called Yellow, then what will be the colour of milk?
Ans. Red
Q.10. Sate Animal of Rajasthan is?
Ans. Camel 
Q.11. If under root 8/ under root 5- under root 3= x+under root 6, find the value of x 
Ans.D (under root 10)
Q.12. If 6/5, a, 4, find the value of a 
Ans. 13/5

Q.13. Delhi Govt. build a Memorial of former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam at which place?
Ans. Dilli Haat
Q.14. If 2n-2n-1=4, find the value of nn?
Ans. 9
Q.15. Vulture conservation and breeding centre is situated at?
Ans. Pinjore 
Q.16. Shilp Guru and Sant kabir Awads are given for ?
Ans. Handicrafts and Handlooms
Q.17 Find the odd
Ans. Liter 
Q.18. Which religion has the maximum followers in Haryana?
Ans. Hindu
Q.19. In a row of children, Mahesh is 17th from the left and Ravish is fourth from the right. When Mahesh and Ravish exchange positions, Mahesh will be 15th from the left. What will be Ravish's position from the right?
Ans. 12
Q.20. Where is the Brahma Sarovar Tirtha?
Ans. Kurukshetra
Q.21 Where was the homestead of Mohan Singh Mandhar?
Ans. Kaithal 
Q.22. The Second largest Exporter of global textiles after China is-
Ans. India
Q.23. Which district of Haryana has the least rate of women's literacy?
Ans. Mewat
Q.24. Cube is related to Square in the same way as Square is related to 
Ans. Line 
Q.25 HIV ultimately destroys which one of the following?
Ans. Defence mechanism
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