15 May 2016

HSSC Solved Question Paper/ Answer Key Part II Auction Recorder Exam.15.05.2016 Codes A B C D Advt.7/2015 Cat.19

Q. Choose the most suitable one word for the following phrase/expression: A person who travels a sacred place as an act of religious devotion ?
Ans. Pilgrim 

Q. In the following question find out which part of the sentence has an error. If there is no mistake the answer is no error. 
The road to famous monument passes through a forest.
Ans. To famous monument 

Q. Suddenly she turns away..... the window and stood .....the glass 
Ans. From, before 

Q. Find the correctly spelt word 
a. Comemorate  b. Commemmorate  c. Comemmorate d. Commemorate 
Ans. D

Q. Choose the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series -

Q. Select the related word from the given alternatives 
Ans. Fatigue 

प्रश्न- रहिमन पानी राखिये, बिन पानी सब सून| पानी गए ना उबरे मोती मानस चून || में कौन सा अलंकार है ?
उत्तर - श्लेष |

प्रश्न- शुद्ध वर्तनी वाला शब्द है?
उत्तर- वाणिज्यिक 

प्रश्न- छाती से लगाकर रखना मुहावरे का अर्थ ?
उत्तर- किसी वस्तु से अत्यधिक लगाव रखना 

प्रश्न- आहूत का विलोम है 
उत्तर - अनाहूत 

प्रश्न- दुहिता का पर्यायवाची क्या है ?
उत्तर- पुत्री 

प्रश्न- वाक्य खंड के लिए एक शब्द चुनिय 
किसी वस्तु की छोटी से छोटी खराबी दिखने वाला 
उत्तर- छिद्रान्वेषी 

प्रश्न- निम्न पंक्तियों में कौन सा रस है -
वर दन्त की पंगती कुन्दकली अधराधर पल्लव खोलने की|
चपला चमके घन बीच जगे छवि मोतिन माल अमोलन की|
घुंघरारी लतै लटकें मुख ऊपर कुंडल लोल कापालन की| 
निछावर प्राण करे तुलसी बलि जाऊं लला इन बोलन की||
उत्तर- वात्सल्य रस 

प्रश्न- निम्न लिखित में से उपसर्ग रहित शब्द - क. कुजात ख. उपगमन ग. डरावना घ. दुर्जन 
उत्तर- डरावना 

प्रश्न- व्युत्पत्ति में कौन सी संधि है 
उत्तर- यण संधि 

प्रश्न- छप्पय शब्द में कौन-सा समास है?
उत्तर- द्विगु 

Q. According to are, which is the biggest district of Haryana ?
Ans. Bhiwani 

Q. In which district of Haryana Gandhi ji was arrested on 30th July, 1919?
Ans. Hisar

Q. In sports name of Vikas Yadav is associated with ?
Ans. Boxing 

Q. The highest point of the Morni hills is known as ?
Ans. Karoh Peak 

Q. First time Presidents rule was imposed in Haryna ?
Ans. Nov. 1967

Q. All of the following are related with poetry except?
Ans. Raja Ram Shastri

Q. Nuh comes under the distric of ?
Ans. Mewat

Q. Haryana Chief Minister ML Khattar on August 4, 2015 launched which scheme in Chandigarh 
Ans. Thari pension thare pass

Q. Who was awarded with the title of "Rao Bahadur"?
Ans. Sir ChhotuRam 

Q. Kalpana Chawla was died on space mission on ?
Ans. 1st February, 2003 

Q. Which medal did Saina Nehwal won in the London Olympics, 2012?
Ans. Bronze Medal

Q. Vande Matram Yojana is associated with?
Ans. Women

Q. The High Court of Lahore was established by the act of ?
Ans. GOI Act 1915

Q. Our........ lived in caves and used crude implements 
Ans. Ancestors  

Q. Choose the word which best express the meaning of speculate-

Ans. Guess 

Q. Select the substitution that best expresses opposite meaning of under lined word 
His face bore a blank look all the time while I was telling him about that exciting incident.
Ans. an expressive 

Q. Choose the alternative which best express the meaning of the given idiom/pharse:
To eat one's heart out 
Ans. Suffer silently 

Q. Find the wrongly spelt word 
a. Literature b. Literal c. Litrcy d. Literary 
Ans. Litracy

Q. In the following question a sentence split into six parts........
1. Pakistan cannot claim to 
P. not done too badly 
Ans. S R Q P

Q. Which film was declared best feature film in 63rd National Film Awards ?
Ans. Bahubali 

Q.Abel Prize is associated with ?
Ans. Mathematics  

Q. Asha Yojana is related with ?
Ans. Social Health 

Q. Quit India movement was started in which viceroy's regime ?
Ans Lord Linlithgow

Q. Which share holders are the real owner of company ?
Ans. Equity Shareholders 

Q.Which metropolitan city of India was badly affected by heavy rainfall in the last week of November, 2015 ?
Ans. Chennai

Q. Which of the following is a landlocked sea ?
Ans. Aral Sea 

Q. Which scripture was called his mother by Gandhi ji?
Ans. Bhagwat Geeta 

Q. Harshvardhan was defeated by ?
Ans. Pulakesin II

Q. A presidential Ordinance can remain in force ?
Ans. 6 Months 

Q. Select the one which is different from the other three 
Ans.47- 73

Q. Turpentine oil is extracted from which tree ?
Ans. Pine 

Q. In which year was the @ chosen for its use in e-mail address?
Ans. 1972

Q. Assertion (A). Haryana is a plain state .
Reason (R) Its altitude is 700-900 ft. 
Ans. A and R both are right 

Q. Which of the following city was established by Firoz Shah Tughlaq ?
Ans. Hisar 

Q. Fazal Ali Commission's report was presented in the year 
Ans. 1956

Q. The maximum part of Haryana is dominated by which of the soil?
Ans. Sandy-loamy Soil 

Q. Devi Shankar Prabhakar is associated with 
Ans. Cinema 

Q. The Capital city Chandigarh drives its name from 
Ans. Chandi Mandir 

Q. Which of the following is correctly matched 
Ans. Badkhal- Faridabad 

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