2 Sept 2019

Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper JE Civil Morning Shift 01.09.2019 Part-II

Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper HSSC JE Civil Morning Shift 01.09.2019 Part-II

Q.26 As per IRC width of carriageway for a single lane is
Ans. 3.75 Meter
Q.27 A number is doubled and 9 is added if the resultant is tripled it becomes 75, what is the number 
Ans. 8
Q.28 The setting action of cement is reduced by adding 
Ans. Option B
Q.29 Which one of the following is not a federal Nation 
Ans. Britain 
Q.30 The maximum value of friction force beyond which friction force cannot increase and the body between to move in the direction of force applied is called 
Ans. Limiting Friction
Q.31 Which of the following rank is the supreme rank which will be awarded in the Indian Navy 
Ans. Admiral
Q.32 .........dynasty is also called as Vardhana dynasty 
Ans. Pushyabhut
Q.33 The highest common factor of 36 and 48 is 
Ans. 12
Q.34 The financial budget for 2017-18 was tabled by Haryana finance minister
Ans. Capt. Abhimanyu
Q.35 Data bus provides a path to transfer data between CPU and 
Ans. Memory
Q.36 If a b c are mutually  perpendicular unit vector then a + b + C is equal 
Ans. Sqrt 3
Q.37 Executive department is led by
Ans. Governor
Q.38 The ruins of Hampi brought to light by which of the following British official
Ans. Colin Mackenzie 
Q.39 The governor of a state in India is appointed by whom 
Ans. President 
Q.40 Haryana was earlier known as
Ans. Brahmvrata
Q.41  X + 1 
Ans. Option A
Q.42 Haryana came into existence as a separate state in the year
Ans. 1st November, 1966
Q.43 The curve of varying radius introduced between two branches of compound curve is called 
Ans. Option A
Q.44 Indira Gandhi University was located at 
Ans. Rewari
Q.45 The value of 1+.1+.01+.001 is 
Ans. 1.111
Q.46 x 4 
Ans. Option B
Q.47 A speech signal of 3 khz is used to modulate a carrier signal of frequency 1 and Z using Amplitude Modulation In The frequencies of the sidebands will be
Ans. Option C
Q.48 The river Yamuna runs from Yamunanagar to Faridabad to make the flood plans these Plains are divided into two parts the higher one is called 
Ans. Bangar
Q.49 Kaunayen chicken is new indigenous chicken variety mainly found in which of the following region 
Ans. Manipur
Q.50 The value of 110+1/4
Ans. 10.5
Q.51 Sin 3X 
Ans. Option D
Q.52 The river originated from the Har ki Doon Glacier is west Garhwal is 
Ans. Ganga
Q.53 SI unit of conductivity of a material is 
Ans. Option C
Q.54 The Ancient name of river Markanda is
Ans. Aruna
Q.55 The river which originates from  Shahpur village and meets Chautang river at a place called Ladwa is also known as river 
Ans. Rakshi
Q.56 The heavy soil found in Thanesar is known as 
Ans. Khadar
Q.57 The average of 2, 7, 6 and x is 5 and the average of 18, 1, 16, x and Y is 10 what is the value of Y 
Ans. 20
Q.58 In which district of Haryana manganese is found
Ans. Mahendragarh
Q.59 PERT stands for 
Ans. Programme evaluation and Review Technique 
Q.60 IUPAC name of ....
Ans. Option B
Q.61 Gurgaon district drive its name from the name of 
Ans. Dronacharya
Q.62 North bridge or north chipset is responsible for controlling the component like 
Ans. RAM
Q.63 If 3 cumec of water supply is required for a crops sown an area of 5100
hecare the duty of irrigation water will be 
Ans. Option A
Q.64 What is the present rank of India in terms of fish production in the world 
Ans. Second
Q.65 .... built a place in Narnaul who was the Diwan of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan 
Ans. Rai Mukand dass 
Q.66 if f 
Ans. Option A
Q.67 Kalam-e-Nairang is a completion of poetry written by 
Ans. Syed Ghulam bhik
Q.68 USB supports a data speed of 
Ans. 12 mbps
Q.69 Rajiv Gandhi thermal power station is located at 
Ans. Khedar
Q.70 The forces which do not meet at one point but their line of action lies on the same plane are known as
Ans. Option D
Q.71 Differential coefficient of a constant is 
Ans. Option B 
Q.72 sin 8
Ans. Option A
Q.73 Article 356 of the Constitution deals with which of the following system
Ans. Power to President to declare State emergency
Q.74 Indori river Rises near 
Ans. Mewat (Old Indore district)
Q.75 The Vernacular Press Act was passed by British government in India in 1878 was modelled on the following Press Act 
Ans. Irish Press Act'
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