2 Sept 2019

Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper JE Civil Morning Shift 01.09.2019

Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper HSSC JE Civil Exam Morning Shift 01.09.2019

We are uploading unofficial and tentative answer key/ solved question paper in three parts to help the applicants. For confirm answers please consult the official answer key.

Q.1 Masonry consists of blocks of accurately dressed stone with extremely fine bed and joint are called-
Ans. AshlarMasonry
Q.2 If the ratio of two numbers is 3:4 and their HCF is 4 then their LCM is 
Ans. 48
Q.3 Le Chatelier method is used to determine ...... property of the cement
Ans. Soundness
Q.4 At a certain time a radioactive sample contains 2x10^20 atoms and its disintegration rate is 3x10^10 atoms second when 2x10^15 atoms are left to decay its disintegration rate will be
Ans. Option-D
Q.5 In a binary code set of 8 elements requires a .... bit code 
Ans. 3 bit
Q.6 The nodal ministry for the Pradhanmantri Krishi sinchai Yojana is 
Ans. Ministry of water resource
Q.7 The number of sleepers per rail length inmetres represents 
Ans. Sleeper Density
Q.8 Maharaja Agrasen are ruled the Republic state is 
Ans. Agroha
Q.9 Which register hold the address of instructions
Ans. Program Counter 
Q.10 In limit state method design of RCC beam is actual depth of natural axis is greater than the limiting value then the section is considered to be 
Ans. Option-C
Q.11 The admixture that slow down the chemical process of hydration so that concrete remain plastic and workable for a longer period is 
Ans. Option-A
Q.12 The major river which flows in the state is 
Ans. Yamuna
Q.13 Oxygen required for biological decomposition of dissolved solid or organic matter in wastewater under aerobic condition at standard temperature is called 
Ans. Bod
Q.14 The levelling adopted to determine the level difference between two point when it is not possible to set up the level Midway between the two points is 
Ans. Option A
Q.15 Computer presently come with clock speed of more than 
Ans. 1 Ghz
Q.16 ..... is a non automatic rain gauge 
Ans. Option B
Q.17 Which of the following is indigenous variety of bull 
Ans. Sahiwal
Q.18 The amount of chlorine consumed in the oxidation of impurities Before any disinfection is achieved is known as 
Ans. Chlorine Demand
Q.19 ..... seismic wave makes a material partical oscillate in an elliptical path in the vertical plane with horizontal motion along the direction of energy transmission 
Ans. Rayleigh Waves
Q.20 The area bounded by X Y is equal to 1 x is = zero Y = 1 and Y = 2 is
Ans. Option B
Q.21 To promote the development of forest Haryana government framed its own forest policy in the year 
Ans. 2006
Q.22 An ideal fluid is defined as the fluid which is 
Ans. In compressible and non-viscous
Q.23 If a beam is fully loaded with the uniformly varying load then the equation of the bending moment will be 
Ans. Option B
Q.24 In Haryana the elephant rehabilitation Centre is located in the district of
Ans Yamunanagar
Q.25 The Navgrah Kund is located at
Ans. Kaithal
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