2 Sept 2019

Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper JE Civil Morning Shift 01.09.2019 Part-III

Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper HSSC JE Civil Morning Shift 01.09.2019 Part-III

Q.76 In the group g 2, 4, 6, 8 under multiplication modulo 10 the Identity element is
Ans. 6
Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition 
Q.77 Her continued effort was crowned .... success 
Ans. With
Choose the antonym of the word in capital 
Ans. Clear
Choose correct verb which agrees with the subject 
Q.79 Either intelligence or hard work......required to get good marks 
Ans. is
Select the appropriate option for the underlined word 
Q.80 Booking must be made at least 7 days before departure
Ans. Modal
Find out the erroneous part of the following sentence 
Q.81 I shall have completed this work by the time you returned from your trip 
Ans. Option B
Fill in the blanks with article 
Q.82 .... climate is one of the many factors involved in changing farming methods 
Ans. Note needed
Fill in the blank with appropriate word
Q.83 The castle stood ...... the lake 
Ans. Beside 
Add suitable question tag for the following 
Q.84 We create our own tradition.........
Ans. Don't we
प्रश्न-85 दूल्हा शब्द का स्त्रीलिंग रूप है 
उत्तर- दुल्हिन 
प्रश्न-86 प्रतिदिन यह शब्द .... समास का उदाहरण है 
उत्तर- अव्ययीभाव 
प्रश्न-87 हिंदी में कुल .... व्यंजन हैं 
उत्तर- 33
प्रश्न-88 प्राक्तन यहां उपसर्ग है 
उत्तर- प्राक्
प्रश्न-89 निर्मला ने निर्धन को दान दिया इस वाक्य में 'को' कौन सा कारक है 
उत्तर- कर्म 
प्रश्न-90 जो स्वर की सहायता के बिना नहीं बोले जा सकते वे वर्ण हैं
उत्तर- व्यंजन 

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