2 Dec 2018

Answer Key-iii Haryana Police Sub Inspector (Male) Exam 2.12.18 Morning codes A B C D

Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper Haryana Police SI- Sub Inspector (Male) Exam 02.12.2018 Morning codes A B C D

This key is unofficial, for official answer key visit the official website of the Commission. 
Q.51 What is related to frog in the same way as snake in related to frog?
Ans. Worm
Q.52 Desynapsis or unparing of homologous chromosomes is started in .... stage.
Q.53 Mohammad of Ghori degeated Prithviraj Chauhan in which of the following places
Ans. Taraori
Q.54 The statement T&&T II F&&T where T is true and F is false is 
Ans. True
Q.55 Executive head of the State is 
Ans. Governor 
Q.56 Which is the smallest positive integer n, for which (1+1)...
Ans. 2
Q.57 Which one of the following is correctly matched
Ans. Article 214-Provisions for establishment of High Court
Q.58 Find the missing letters that will complete the series /-n-m/m-n/
Ans. mnnm
Q.59 Existence of mango groves attests its name to which of the following city?
Ans. Ambala#
Q.60 How many integers between 1 and 566 are divisible by either 3 or 5
Ans. 264
Q.61 The Indian Govt. set up commission under the chairmanship of .... on 23 April, 1966 to divide the existing State of Punjab 
Ans. Justice J C Shah
Q.62 The quality factor (Q) resonant frequency (f) and bandwidth (f2-f1) of series...
Ans. Option A
Q.63 Choose the word which is least like the other words in the group
Ans. Sutlej
Q.64 Which one of the following statement is incorrect about Harshacharitra of Banabhatta
Ans. Option A ( Its first chapter.....)
Q.65 If 35 1/x=7......
Q.66 Chairman of NITI Ayog is 
Ans. Prime Minister 
Q.67 A vertical spring is stretched by 3 cm when a load of 3 kg 
Q.68 ..... is considered as the first critical manifesto of Urdu Poetry.
Ans. Muqaddam-e-Sher-o-Shayari
Q.69 The value of sin50/sin130 is
Ans. -1
Q.70 In 18th Asian Games, 2018 Haryana topped the chart among Indian States with 18 medals. These games were held in
Ans. Indonesia
Q.71 Hormone responsible for milk let down is 
Ans. Oxytocin
Q.72 If two event are independent, then 
Ans. A and B are correct
Q.73 As of now, number of national highways in the State of Haryana are 
Ans.  32
Q.74 Complete the series
Ans. 11.5
Q.75 .... or HTTP is the most popular protocol to connect web applications 
Ans. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

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