2 Dec 2018

Answer Key-ii Haryana Police Sub Inspector (Male) Exam 2.12.18 Morning codes A B C D

Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper Haryana Police SI- Sub Inspector (Male) Exam 02.12.2018 Morning codes A B C D

This key is unofficial, for official answer key visit the official website of the Commission. 
Q.26 If CENTRE can be written as  CNRCNR how HAPPY can be written in that code?
Q.27 .... synthesis consists of heating primary amine and aldehyde with sulphuric acid to give quinolines
Ans. Ddoebner Miller
Q.28 Fatehabad district drives its name from the eponymous headquarter town founded by ....
Ans. Firoz Shah Tughlak 
Q.29 Which of the following is not a geographical feature of Haryana?
Ans. Chambal Velly
Q.30 Capital of Syria is 
Ans. Damascus
Q.31 The book, 'I Do What I Do' is written by
Ans. Raghuram Rajan 
Q.32 The layer of atmosphere where electrical conductivity takes place
Ans. Ionosphere 
Q.33 .... type is best suited to represent logic values
Ans. Bool
Q.34 Let a,b,c,d,e be the observations with the mean m nd standard deviation s. The standard ......
Ans. ks
Q.35 What is the sum of the coefficients  the expansion of (3=2x)99
Ans. 5 99
Q.36 .... was established by Babar as memorial to the victory over the throne of Hindustan when he defeated Ibrahim Lodhi in 1526
Ans. Kabuli Bagh
Q.37 Value of UR3UR3UR3...... is
Ans. 3
Q.38 Haryana contains 2 National Parks. One of them is Sultanpur National Park. The other one is 
Ans. Kalesar National Park
Q.39 Which of the following function keys is used as a toggle key for changing referencing modes?
Ans. F4
Q.40 The law declared by the Supreme Court is binding on all courts within the country. The Article deals with this is
Ans. 141
Q.41 Which of the following rivers does not have their origin in Aravali hills?
Ans. Chenab
Q.42 Compton Shift depends on which of the following 
Ans. Angle of scattering#
Q.43 The district of Haryana was carved out from Karnal district on 1 November, 1989. On 24 July, 1991, It was again merged with Karnal district On January, 1992, It again became a separate district. Which is the district 
Ans. Panipat
Q.44 Ranikhet is a
Ans. Viral disease
Q.45 Which is the primary nutrient element?
Ans. Potassium
Q.46 The Great Barrier Reef is located in
Ans. Australia
Q.47 HCV stands for 
Ans. Heavy Commercial Vehicle 
Q.48 When Haryana was formed in 1966 ...... was declared as the second state language by Bansilal Govt.  
Ans. Tamil 
Q.49 For real x, if cos 0=x+ 1/x
Ans. Option A (0 is an acute angle)
Q.50 In year ..... Chandigarh declared as the first smoke free city of India?
Ans. 2007
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