2 Dec 2018

Answer Key Haryana Police Sub Inspector (Male) Exam 2.12.18 Morning codes A B C D

Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper Haryana Police SI- Sub Inspector (Male) Exam 02.12.2018 Morning codes A B C D

This key is unofficial, for official answer key visit the official website of the Commission. 
Q. 1. According to Haryanvi folklore, Guggapir is believed to be protector of
Ans. Human 
Q.2  GPRS is used in mobile phones for
Ans. Data Communication 
Q.3  This festival celebrated on the third of the bright moonlight night in the month of Shravana
Ans. Teej 
Q.4 Which of the following is false for Watson and Crick model of DNA?
Ans. Option-D  Adenine can binds to thymine by 3 hydrogen ..... 
Q.5 Which of the following is not a standardization organisations in the field of Information Technology.
Ans. ISI
Q.6 Recently referendum on legalise abortion was held in which of the following countries? 
Ans. Ireland
Q.7 ...... is a traditional Punjabi oral story telling that came to South Asia with migrants from the Arabian peninsula.
Ans. Katak
Q.8 If A and B are symmetric matrices, then AB-BA is
Ans. Skew-systemetric matrix 
Q.9 Earliest evidence of garlic clove in South Asia was found here witch dates to the Mature Harappan Period
Q.10 In the context of online transaction, BHIM refers to
Ans. Bharat Interface for Money
Q.11 Maharana Pratap fought against Mughals in the historic battle of 
Ans. Haldighati
Q.12 Decimal equivalent of binary number 101000101 is
Ans. 165
Q.13 An essential feature of  Federal System is 
Ans. Divison of Powers 
Q.14 .... is used in cryoscopy to obtain the very low temperatures required for superconductivity
Ans. Helium
Q.15 Complet the analogy
Ans. Snow
Q.16 Recently India's first 3D Planetarium was inaugurated in which of the following cities?
Ans. Swami Vivekananda Planetarium, Mangaluru
Q.17 Kalka-Shimla railway, one of the world heritage sites was built in the year
Ans. 1898 
Q.18 Operator used for dereferencing is
Ans. *
Q.19 In how many ways automobile licence plates can be made if each plate contains two different digits followed by 3 different digits?
Q.20 The first Budhist Council which was held at Rajagraha in 487 BC It was presided over by
Ans. Mahakassapa
Q.21 Which of the following district of Haryana shares its boundary with 2 States.
Ans. Yamunanagar
Q.22 The total number of terms in the expansion of (x+a)51 - (x-a)51 after simplification is 
Ans. 26
Q.23 What is the remainder when 2125 is divided by 11 
Ans. 7
Q.24 Which of the following is not a paragraph formatting?
Ans. Underline Style
Q.25 Forgery is defined in IPC Under
Ans. 463
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