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17 Nov 2018

Haryana Group-D Answer Key (Morning) 17.11.18 Code A B C D Part-III

Haryana Group-D Answer Key (Morning) 17.11.18 Code A B C D Part-III

Q. Jogis (saints) use .... instrument to sing  songs?
Ans. Sarangi
Q. 5000 years old Indus valley civilization found in the present day.... District.
Ans. Hisar
Q. Omega-3 fatty acids are present in 
Ans. Both A and D
Q. The hub of making durries in Haryana is
Ans. Panipat
Q.Find the word different from the other 3 options given below-
Ans. Mathematics 
Q. ISRO's first women scientist who recently spent over 403 days in Antarctica is
Ans. Mangala Mani
Q. The term Mesophytes implies that 
Ans. These are plants growing in soils with optimum soil water conditions prevalling for major part of the year
Q. The force that blood exerts against the wall of a vessel is called
Ans. Blood pressure
Q. Which of the following is a plant?
Ans. Cytokinin 
Q. Complete the analogy. 
Trigonometry:Mathematics:: Zoology:Biology
Q. Arrange the following structure of the atmosphere from the surface of the Earth.
Ans. Troposphere-stratosphere-mesosphere- Thermosphere 
Q. Find the number which is not like the other 3 numbers
Ans. 3/21
Q. If + means +, + means - ......
Ans. -5
Q. The value of x and y satisfying the equation
Ans. x=2a, y=-2b
Q. Area of the circle inscribed in a square of side a cm is 
Ans. Option-C 
Q. Solution of the equation 
Ans. Option-B
Q. An object 4 cm in size is placed at 20 cm in front of a concave mirror of focal length 10 cm. At what distance from the mirror should a screen be placed in order to obtain a sharp image?
Ans. 20 cm from the mirror 
Q. The device which converts sound to electrical vibrations 
Ans. Microphone 
Q. The potential difference between 2 points a current carrying conductor when 1 joule of work is done to move a charge of 1 coulomb from one point to the other.
Ans. 1 volt
Q. ..... does not react with dilute HCL.
Ans. Cu
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