10 Nov 2018

Haryana Group-D Answer Key (Morning) Part-iii 10.11.2018 Code A B C D

HSSC Group-D Answer Key (Morning) Part-iii 10.11.2018 Code A B C D.

Q.41. The most important distinguished feature of federal form of Govt. is
Ans. Distribution of executive powers equally between centre and states.
Q.42. If a means +, b means -, c means /, and d means x, then 25 c 5 d 8 b 10 a 15= 
Ans. 45
Q.43. 5 years ago fathers age was 5 time as old as his son and after 3 years he will be 3 times old as his son, find the present age of son.
Ans. 13 years
Q.44. If 2 is as zero of p(x)= 4x2+2x-5a
Ans. 4
Q.45.  The Haryana Municipality Amendment Bill was passed during the year
Ans. 2016
Q.46. Consider the following statement 
Ans. V.D. Savarkar
Q.47. Find the term which is different from other three
Ans. Cook
Q.48. Bhuteshwar temple is situated in the district of 
Ans. Jind 
Q.49. Bugyals is a unique type of vegetation found in Himalayas is the 
Ans. Summer grass land in the Himachal region 
Q.50. The solutions of system of equations - ax+by-a+b=0 
Ans. x=1 y=-1
Q.51. Select the correct statement from the following 
Ans. Heterotrophs survival depends directly or indirectly on autotrophs 
Q.52. Which of the following is incorrect
Q.53. In Haryana, the district which gets the lowest rainfall in 
Ans. Sirsa
Q.54. Find the missing term
Ans. TX
Q.55. The ancient epic of Haryana is 
Ans. Rigveda 
Q.56. Who among the following announced  the discovery of new civilization in the Indus Valley to the world in 1924
Ans. John Marshall
Q.57. Which of the following form an AP?
Ans. Root 3, Root 12, Root 27, Root 48.
Q.58. The Haryana Budget for 2017-18 was tabled by?
Ans. Finance Minister 
Q.59. Match the following with their pairs 
Ans. 1-5, 2-1, 3-2, 4-4 
Q.60. Function of Gustatory receptors is to 
Ans. Detect Taste 
Note- This is unofficial key, for confirmed answers consult official answer key.
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