10 Nov 2018

Haryana Group-D Answer Key (Morning) Part-ii 10.11.2018 Code A B C D

HSSC Group-D Answer Key (Morning) Part-ii 10.11.2018 Code A B C D.

Q.21.  Prabhakara Vardhana the first king of Vardhana Dynasty was the ruler of?
Ans. Thaneshwar
Q. 22. Which of the following article provides that "the state shall not discriminate against any citizen on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth or any of them"?
Ans.  Article 15 (1)
Q.23. Governor acts as the nominal head and the real power of administration of the state lies with 
Ans. Chief Minister 
Q.24. If "ONE" can be coded as 34 then "TWO" can be coded as?
Ans. 58
Q.25. A current of 0.5 A is drawn by a filament of an electric bulb for 20 minutes find the amount of electric charge that flow the electric circuit 
Ans. 600 C
Q.26.  Read the following statement with reference to Kashmir Himalayas 
Q.27. All.... triangles are similar 
Ans. Equilateral 
Q.28. In 2016-17 Haryana GSDP is growing at 
Ans. 8.7%
Q.29. GST does not include all the excise duty carrying goods, find out the non-GST commodities 
Ans. All the above 
Q.30. The equations 
ax+9y=1 and 9y-x-1=0 represent the same line if a=
Ans. -1
Q.31. Consider the following 
i. Sambhar lake is a salt lake
ii. Chilka lake is a fresh water lake 
iii. Vimbanad lake is a back water lake 
Ans. All of the above
Q.32. If m cotA=n.then find the value of msinA-ncosA/mcosA+msinA?

Ans. (m^2 - n^2)/(m^2 + n^2)
Q.33. Haryana is situated between ?
Ans. 27 degree 37' to 30 degree 35' latitude
Q.34. Who among the following British Historian divided Indian history into three parts i.e. Hindu, Muslim and British
Ans. James Mill
Q.35. A man invited some boys and girls on the birhtday of his son the number of boys was 2 less then the number of girls. He gave Rs.10 to each boy and Rs. 20 to each girl, if the total amount distributes by him was 280 the number of boys was?
Ans. 8
Q.36. Two coins are tossed simultaneously the probability of getting exactly two head is 
Ans. 1/4
Q.37. 3 cubes each of side 5 cm are join end to end, the surface area of the resulting solid is 
Ans. 350 cm2
Q.38. Rabi crops are sown at the end of 
Ans. October 
Q.39. The 2018 nobel prize in Physiology or medicine is conferred to 
Ans. Tasuku Honjo
Q.40. If p2-6p+7 is divided by p-1 the reminder will be 
Ans. Positive

Note- This is unofficial key, for confirmed answers consult official answer key. 
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