10 Nov 2018

Haryana Group-D Answer Key (Morning) Part-i 10.11.2018 Code A B C D

HSSC Group-D Answer Key (Morning) Part-i 10.11.2018 Code A B C D.

Q. The shivalik hill is in the district of?
Ans. Ambala 
Q. An image formed by a plain mirror is always?
Ans. Virtual Image 
Q. If August 27th was Monday, then 14th of that month was on ?
Ans. Tuesday 
Q. The state bird of Haryana is?
Ans. Black Francolin 
Q. Governor of Haryana is appointed by?
Ans. President 
Q. Goddess Bhawani Amba Temple is in 
Ans. Ambala
Q. Star monument is the smadhi of ?
Ans. Tarachandji Maharaj
Q. Haryana is called as the-
Ans. Bread basket of India 
Q. Which type of soil having highest water holding capacity ?
Ans. Clay soil 
Q. Bhagwat Geeta was said to have been compiled by
Ans. Ved Vyas 
Q. What is the nature of the image formed due to concave mirror when object is placed beyond centre of curvature 
Ans. Real and inverted 
Q. During heavy exercise, we get cramps in the legs due to the accumulation of-
Ans. Lactic acid 
Q. Sodium hydrogencarbonate on heating produces 
Ans. Sodiumcarbonate
Q. The land cultivated by Kurus was called as 
Ans. Bahudhanyak
Q. An instrument for majoring the speed of wind?
Ans. Anemometer
Q. After Gupta Dynasty in the middle of 6th century AD, ..... established supremacy over Punjab 
Ans. Huns
Q. Haryana is the first state to launch 
Ans. Mahila Police Volunteer
Q. Find the number which is not like the other three among the options 
Ans. 1001
Q. Consider the following with reference to the term "Sovereign State" 
Q. Solutions of the equation- sqrt5, X2
Ans. 5, 3 

Note- This is unofficial key, for confirm answers consult official answer key. 

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