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30 Jul 2017

Answer Key Taxation Inspector Exam 30.07.2017 Morning-III A B C D

Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper Taxation Inspector Exam held on 30.07.2017 Morning Shift Code A B C D

Q. 47. Which of the following will never get the vertical rays of the sun?
Ans. Srinagar
Q. 48. Who said, "The real seat of taste is not the tongue, but the mind"?
Ans. Mahatma Gandhi 
Q. 49. Sound can not pass through
Ans. Vacuum 
Q. 50. Jawahar tunnel is located in the State of 
Ans. Jammu and Kashmir 
Q. 51. India has a coastline of 
Ans. 7500 km
Q. 52. Which city of Haryana is known as city of weavers?
Ans. Panipat
Q. 53. Which of the following has become the first state in the country to set up "Happiness Depatment"?
Ans. Madhya pradesh 
Q. 54. By which bill does the Government propose collection of revenues for a year?
Ans. Finance bill 
Q. 55. Which of the following pairs of goods are close substitute ?
Ans. Tea and Coffee
Q. 56. Which of the following is most elastic ?
Ans. Steel 
Q. 57. The most abundant inert gas in the atmosphere is ?
Ans. Argon 
Q. 58. The largest producer of mica in the world is-
Ans. USA. (According to official answer key right answer is India, but it may be wrong because India has largest dump of mica, not largest producer)
Q.59. The international dateline follows the ......
Ans. 180° longitude
Q. 60. When was Uttranchal was separated from Uttar Pradesh ?
Ans. 9th November, 2000

Q. 61. Who among the following won the men's single title at the Canadian open badminton 2016 ?
Ans. B. Sai Praneeth 
Q. 62. The best quality of coal is?
Ans. Anthracite 
Q. 63. The type of mirror used in the headlight of car is ?
Ans. Parabolic Concave
Q. 64. Who among the following President of India served for two terms?
Ans. Rajendra Prasad 
Q. 65. Gun powder was invented by?
Ans. Roger bacon
Q. 66. Which one of the following is a fish?
Ans. Dog fish
Q. 67. In which district of Uttar Pradesh has solar energy plant been started ?
Ans. Aligarh
Q. 68. In our constitution economic planing is included in the ?
Ans. Concurrent List
Q. 69.  Newton's first law of motion gives the concept of 
Ans. Inertia
Q. 70. Where is the largest reflecting telescope of Asia located?
Ans. Nainital 
Q. 71. Cream gets separated out of milk when it is churned, this is due to 
Ans. Centrifugal force
Q. 72. Free trade refers to 
Ans. The movement of goods from one country to another
Q.73. In which of the following places is the civil aviation training centre situated 
Ans. Allahabad 
Q. 74. Which gas is used as fire extinguisher ?
Ans. Carbon dioxide 
Q. 75. The word veda means?
Ans. Knowledge 
Q. 76. Who was in favor of partyless democracy ?
Ans. Jai Prakash Narain
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