30 Jul 2017

Answer Key Taxation Inspector exam 30.07.2017 Morning-II Code A B C D

Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper Taxation Inspector Exam held on 30.07.2017 Morning Shift Code A B C D

Q. 22. Khodiya is the entertainment programme performed-
Ans. During the marriage of the groom.
Q. 23 Which monk's monastery is situated in Asthal Bohar?
Ans. Mastnath 
Q.24. Which of the following is the State sports of Haryana?
Ans. Wrestling
Q.25. Most places of Haryana are 
Ans. ground like 
Q.26. In which part of Haryana, does Shivalik Range exists?
Q.27. In which district of Haryana, the concrete road has the longest distance ?
Ans. According to Official Key right Answer is Bhiwani, but it may be wrong, because now Charkhi Dadri is independent district.
Q. 28. In Haryana where is the biggest and oldest railway junction situated?
Ans. Rewari
Q.29. The historical Chiubisi  Chabutara is situated in which place?
Ans. Maham
Q.30. In Mahendergarh district, which mineral is found in abundance?
Ans. All of the above 
Q.31. Who did the good job of electrifying the villages of Haryana?
Ans. Bansi Lal]
Q.32. Which district of Haryana has headquarters in Narnaul?
Ans. Mahendergarh 
Q.33. Bahadurgarh town comes under the district of 
Ans. Jhajjar
Q.34. Which district of Haryana is known as the Dhan ka Katora in the country?
Ans. Karnal
Q.35. The biggest livestock farm is situated in the city of-
Ans. Hisar
Q.36. Samudragupta's cross-type golden coin has been found in  
Ans. Mitathal 
Q. 37. Which of the following policies has been taken by the government to boost sports in Haryana?
Ans. All of the above
Q. 38. Which is the first novel in Haryanvi?
Ans. Jhadufiri.
Q. 39. The ornaments worn in feet are made of which metal?
Ans. Silver
Q. 40. Which fair usually held in Gurgaon during the months of Chaitra and Ashadh?
Ans. Sheetla Mata ka Mela
Q.41. Which is the biggest holy lake surrounded by concrete bank on four sides in Haryana?
Ans. Brahma Sarowar
Q.42. What is the name of the garden in Pinjore?
Ans. Yadvindra Garden 
Q. 43. HMT (Hindustan Machinery Tools) is situated in the city of
Ans. Pinjore
Q. 44. Where is the sugar mill located in Kurukshetra District?
Ans. Shahabad
Q. 45. Which district of the State produces the maximum amount of wheat?
Ans. Sirsa
Q.46 Haryanavi idiom 'Chilam bharna' stands for-
Ans. Khushamad karna 
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