28 Jul 2016

HSSC Solved Question Paper PGT Sanskrit screening (Answer Key) 15.06.2016

Q.1 If 15 pumps of equal capacity can fill a tank in 7 days how many extra pumps will be required to fill the tank in 5 days?
Ans. 6

Q.2 Banabhatta was a friend and poet laureate of which king?
Ans. Harshvardhana 

Q.3 What is the most suitable unit to measure the distance of any star?
Ans.Light Year

Q.4 Which of the following is converted into glucose in the human body before being utilized to provide energy ?
Ans. Carbohydrates 

Q.5 Yog Samrat Baba Ramdev was born in which district?
Ans. Mahendergarh

Q.6 L is 15 m to the East of K.
M is 7 M to the North of L
N is 6 m to the West of M
O is 13 m to the south of N
K is 7 m to the south of P 
P is in which direction with respect to O?
Ans. North-West 

Q.7 Rajeev Gandhi Education City was established in which place?
Ans. Sonipat.

Q.8 On which occasion, women do humour through folk songs?
Ans. On the occasion of marriage

Q.9 ?% of 1400-18% of 750= 159
Ans. 21

Q.10 Composition of poet Pushpdant is related to which religion?
Ans. Jain 

Q.11 Which Indian novelist and short story writer's autibiography titled My Days was published in 1975?
Ans. R.K.Narayan

Q.12 Name of the lake which is famous for tourism in Karnal?
Ans. Karn Lake 

Q.13 On which river does the world's largest river island Majuli stand?
Ans. Brahmaputra 

Q.14 Producer Director Subhash Ghai is associated with which district?
Ans. Rohtak

Q.15 A National political party in India is one which receive 4% of the total votes polled in ?
Ans. Question is wrong. It should 6% instead of 4%. Then answer will be Four of more state.

Q.16 Baba Kali Kambliwale ka dera is situated in which place?
Ans. Kurukshetra 

Q.17 Satish is 15 rank above Sushil who ranks 28th in a class of 50. What is Satish's rank from the bottom?
Ans. 37

Q.18 Pandit Mangeram is associated with form of art?
Ans. Sang Parampara

Q.19 If A is written as B and B as A, E as F and F as E and so on, how will the word BRIG be written?

Q.20 Which of the following award is provided by Urdu Literature Academy for the distinctiveness in Urdu literature?
Ans. Hali Award 

Q.21 Sonipat city is famous for which industry?
Ans. Bicycle

Q.22 Who in Hindu mythology, broke one of Ganesha's tusks, lending him the appellation Ekadanta?
Ans. Parshurama 

Q.23 Who built the kos minar?
Ans. Shershah Suri

Q.24 The full status of State was conferred upon the union Territories of Manipur and Tripura?
Ans. 1972

Q.25 Morni Hill is situated in which district ?
Ans. Panchkula 

Q.26 I megabyte stands for?
Ans. A 220 bytes 

Q.27 Bujani ornament is used to wear on ?

Q.28 Liquefied petroleum gas consists of mainly?
Ans. None 

Q.29 Sohna nagar is famous for which reason?
Ans. For hot water reservoir

Q.30 Formation of embryo from an unfertilized egg is called ?

Q.31 If x means +, + means +, + means - and - means x then
Ans. 192

Q.32 Sheetla Mata mela is held in which city?
Ans. Gurgaon

Q.33 M is the father of N, L is the brother of M, P is the mother of L. How is N related to P?
Ans. Two answers are correct i.e. (A) Grand Son and (c) Grand daughter.

Q.34 How was the last Hindu king to sit on the throne of Delhi?

Q.35 In 1984, which of the following is Haryana's mont famous film whose song is most popular?
Ans. Chandrawal

Q.36 The area of a circle is 3850 sq. meters its circumference is ?
Ans. 220 meters

Q.37 Which of the following city is situated in the heart of Haryana "Hridya Haryana"
Ans. Rohtak

Q.38 The numbers 6,8,10,12,13 and x arranged in an ascending order. If means of the observation is equal to the median, find the value of x?
Ans. 17

Q.39 Haryana's historic grand tomb is located in which place, which is associated with Shekh Chelli?
Ans. Kurukshetra 

Q.40 Salman invests a sum of money in 50 shares, paying 15% dividend quoted at 20% premium. If his annual dividend is 600, calculate the number of shares be bought ?
Ans. 80

Q.41 Ulysses was?
Ans. Merciless 

Q.42 He protested ...... his imprison ?
Ans. Against 

Q.43 All banks must (A) necessary keep a certain (B) percentage of deposits(C) with the reserve bank(D)
Ans. B. Necessarily

Q.44 A customer usually(A) goes to a bank(B) to deposit or withdraw money(C) or applies for loans(D)
Ans. D. 

Q.45 Write the following in the reported speech "Unni" said Mutthashi to"Tell me a story"
Ans.Mutthushi asked Unni to tell her a story 

Q.46 'मूक' शब्द का विलोम पद ?
उत्तर- वाचाल

प्रश्न-47 नीचे दिए शब्दों में शुद्ध शब्द है-
उत्तर- कवयित्री 

प्रश्न-48 जो दिखाई न दे-
उत्तर- अदृश्य 

प्रश्न-49 जो हाथों से लिखा हो-
उत्तर- हस्तलिपि 

प्रश्न-50 प्रसिद्ध शब्द का पर्यायवाची-
उत्तर- मशहूर 

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