27 Jul 2016

HSSC Solved Question Paper UDC 24.07.2016 Part-II

HSSC Solved Question Paper of Written Test for the post of UDC held on 24.07.2016. 2nd Part 

Q.61 The heavy Industry strategy of the Mahalanobis model was initiated in ?
Ans. Second Plan.

Q.62 When was the first Five year plan launched?

Q.63 Goods sold for cash is an example of ?
Ans. Liability 

Q.64 Payment of a liability result in ?
Ans. Decrease in total assets

Q.65 Industry with few firms is termed as ?
Ans. Oligopoly

Q.66 A market in which only two firms exist is called?
Ans. Duopoly

Q.67 External data is stored in ?
Ans. Market forecast file. 

Q.68 In case of simple correlation, the number of variable involved are ?
Ans. 2

Q.69 Delegation of authority is linked to ?
Ans.  Management co-ordination 

Q.70 Which of the following is not an advantage of MBO ?
Ans. Success without planning 

Q.71 Marketing occupies an important place in ?
Ans. Both business and society

Q.72 Role of marketing has become vital because of changes and increased ?
Ans. technology and competition 

Q.73 Short term finance may serve ?
Ans. Short term purpose 

Q.74 Advertisement is required for inviting ?
Ans. Public Deposit 

Q.75 The management of personnel is also called ?
Ans. Staffing 

Q.76 Wages are paid for the use of ?
Ans. Labour 

Q.77 Bank classification according to law are ?
Ans. Scheduled Bank and Non Scheduled Bank 

Q.78 In which year the first Central Bank in the world was established ?
Ans. 1668

Q.79 The number of copies to be prepared for a bill of landing is ?
Ans. Three 

Q.80 If a country enters international trade, the income of scarce factor ?
Ans. Decreases 

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