23 Jun 2016

HSSC Answer Key- cum- Solved Question Paper Grid Sub Station Operator Evening shift 22.06.2016 A B C D Part- II

Answer Key (Unofficial)- cum- Solved Question Paper for Grid Sub Station Operator Exam. Evening shift 22.06.2016 Code A B C D Advt.NO. 3/2016 CAT. NO. 5 Part-II

Q.41 Choose the word which is most nearly the same in meaning to the word 'Pinnacle'
Ans. Summit 

Q.42 Fill in the blank choosing the correct alternative-
The sun is shining brightly, please ...... light.
Ans. Put off 

Q.43 Which word of the following is correctly spelt ?
Ans. Guarantee 

Q.44 In the below given sentence choose the part which contain error?
Tagore was one of the greatest poet that ever lived.
Ans. greatest poet 

Q.45 Choose the word which is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word 'Approve'
Ans. Reject

Q.46 इनमें से शुद्ध वाक्य है-
उत्तर- सरला मेरी बहन है 

प्रश्न 47 सशक्त का विलोम शब्द है-
उत्तर- अशक्त 

प्रश्न 48 उन्नति का पर्यायवाची शब्द है-
उत्तर- प्रगति 

प्रश्न 49 चिड़ियों को मारने वाले को कहते हैं?
उत्तर- चिड़ीमार 

प्रश्न-50 डाकू की भाववाचक संज्ञा रूप है?
उत्तर- डकैती 

Q.51 In order to measure power in a three phase four wire unbalanced load, the minimum number of watt meters requires would be ?

Q.52 For proper operation of the transistor its collector should have ?
Ans.Proper reverse bias

Q.53 The damping force acts on the moving system of an indicating instrument only when it is ?
Ans. Moving

Q.54 IF the supply frequency of synchronous motor is 60 cycles per seconds, then rotor must revolve at ?

Q.55 A voltage sources has a terminal voltage of 28 volt, when its terminal are open circuited, when a load of 12ohm is connected across the terminal voltage drops to 24V, what is the internal resistance of the source?

Q.56 Which of the following grounding is not preferred practically for protection of equipment 
Ans. Isolated grounding

Q.57 In the normal operation of an SCR gate is ...... with respect to cathode ?
Ans. Zero#

Q.58 The operator value j has a value of ?
Ans. √-1

Q.59 For the occurrence of resonance which of the following elements are required?
Ans. Resistor (R)#

Q.60 In a six phase generator the electrical displace between different faces of winding is ....... electrical degrees ?

Q.61 For the process of electrolysis we require ?
Ans. DC 

Q.62 The reluctance of a magnetic circuit depends upon ?
Ans. Current in the coil #

Q.63 The real working part of a DC machine is the ?
Ans. Armature winding #

Q.64 The voltage applied across an RL circuit is equal to ........ of resistance voltage and inductor voltage ?
Ans. Phasor sum#  

Q.65 A zener diode has .... pn junction ?
Ans. 1

Q.66 Internal resistance of an ideal source is ?
Ans. Infinite

Q.67 Two electric bulbs have tungston filament of the same length, if one of them gives 60W and other 100W then ?
Ans. 60W bulb has thicker filament.

Q.68 Maxwell wein bridge is used for measuring ?
Ans. Inductance

Q.69 The distance between two magnetic poles is doubled and their pole strengths are also double, the force between them ?

Q.70 ...... is the maximum anode current, gate being open, at which SCR is turned off from on condition ?
Ans. Holding Current

Q.71 Area under the daily curve divided by 24 gives ?
Ans. Average load 

Q.72 The power factor of an ac circuit is given by ?
Ans. XL/R 

Q.73 The pointer of an indicating instrument is generally made of ?
Ans.  Aluminum

Q.74 In a transformer which of the following losses are zero?
Ans. Mechanical losses

Q.75 The element that has the biggest size in a transistor is ?
Ans. Collector
Q.76 If the number of valance electrons of an atom is four the substance is called ?

Q.77 One kWh of energy equals nearly?

Q.78 Electrical appliances are connected parallel because it ?
Ans. Makes the output of appliances independent of each other 

Q.79 In practice earth is chosen as place of zero electric potential because it ?
Ans. Has almost constant potential

Q.80 The output resistance of a voltage sources is 4ohm, its internal resistance will be?
Ans. Infinite 

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