23 Jun 2016

HSSC Answer Key- cum- Solved Question Paper Grid Sub Station Operator Morning 22.06.2016 A B C D Part- II

Answer Key (Unofficial)- cum- Solved Question Paper for Grid Sub Station Operator Exam. Morning shift 22.06.2016 Code A B C D Advt.NO. 3/2016 CAT. NO. 5 Part- 1

Q.41 Fill in the blank with the most appropriate alternative-
His popular books are being.......in to many languages.
Ans. Translated 

Q.42 They are playing cricket in the play ground. Tense of the verb in the sentence is ?

Ans. Present Continuous.

Q.43 In the sentence given below choose the part which contains error.

Ans. Nobody were.

Q.44 Choose the word which is most nearly the same in meaning as the word reputation.

Ans. Fame.

Q.45 Choose the word which is most opposite in the meaning to the word - Cursed.

Ans. Blessed.

Q.46 नहीं है अपराध जिसका- वह ........ है|

उत्तर- निरपराधी 

प्रश्न-47 संसार का विशेषण रूप है?

उत्तर- सांसारिक |

प्रश्न-48 आयुष्मान का स्त्रीलिंग रूप है?

उत्तर- आयुष्मती 

प्रश्न-49 अतिवृष्टि का विपरीतार्थक शब्द है?

उत्तर- अनावृष्टि 

प्रश्न-50 इनमें से शुद्ध शब्द है?

उत्तर- विशुद्ध |

Q.51 In RLC series circuit, at resonance condition the value of current is ?

Ans. Maximum

Q.52. The basic elements of an electric drive are?

Ans. Electric motor and control system

Q.53 Induction motor operation depends on ?

Ans. Rotating magnetic field

Q.54 Which number system has a base of 16 ?

Ans. Hexadecimal 

Q.55 LSI means?

Ans. Large-scale integration

Q.56 Magnetic flux has the unit of ?
Ans. Weber

Q.57 KCL works on the principle of which of the folliwing?
Ans. Law of conservation of Charge 

Q.58 Power dissipation in ideal inductor is ?
Ans. 0

Q.59 Ward Leonard control is basically a .......control method 

Ans. Armature control 

Q.60 Which quantity consists of a unit of 1KWH ?

Ans. Energy

Q.61 A diac has ....... pn junctions ?

Ans. 2

Q.62 Which of the following is a low specific speed turbine ?

Ans. Pelton 

Q.63 In a 3 phase induction motor, the relative speed of stator flux with respect to........ is zero. 

Ans. rotor flux

Q.64 In a series RL circuit, voltage across resistor and inductor are 3V and 4V respectively than what is the magnitude of applied voltage?
Ans. 5V

Q.65 A power MOSFET has three terminals called ?
Ans. drain, source, gate

Q.66 The plates of a charged parallel plate capacitor are pulled apart. Now 
Ans. p.d. will decrease 

Q.67 Poles and Zeros are arranged alternatively on imaginary axis then type of network is ?
Ans. LC network 

Q.68 Which of the following used in heat sink ?
Ans. Aluminium.

Q.69 An LED produces light when ?
Ans. Forward based 

Q.70 The right hand rule for determining the direction of induced emf was introduced by ?
Ans. Fleming 

Q.71 Which of the following relays has the capability of anticipating the possible major fault in a transformer ?
Ans. Buchholz relay 

Q.72 In a RL series circuit R=10ohm, XL=10ohm, the phase angle between applied voltage and circuit current is ?
Ans. 45

Q.73 The lines of force due to charged particles are ?
Ans. Always curved

Q.74 In a DC Motor the mechanical output power actually comes from ?
Ans. Electrical Input power

Q.75 A house is served by a 220V line. In a circuit protected by a fuse marked 9A. The maximum number of 60W lamp in parallel that can be turned on is ?
Ans. 33

Q.76 Total core loss in a transformer is also called as ?
Ans. Magnetic loss

Q.77 Differentiation of parabolic response is a......response ?

Q.78 The field poles and armature of a DC machine are laminated to ?
Ans. Reduce eddy current loss.

Q.79 Which of the following will give the most accurate measurement of unknown resistance ?
Ans. Whealstone Bridge

Q.80 In a synchronous motor electromagnetic power varies?
Ans. Directly as applied voltage.

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