23 Jun 2016

HSSC Answer Key- cum- Solved Question Paper Grid Sub Station Operator Evening shift 22.06.2016 A B C D Part- 1

Answer Key (Unofficial)- cum- Solved Question Paper for Grid Sub Station Operator Exam. Evening shift 22.06.2016 Code A B C D Advt.NO. 3/2016 CAT. NO. 5 Part- 1

Q.1 Which of the following is Haryana's largest sacred pond made up of paved from all around ?
Ans. Brahma Sarovar 

Q.2 The minimum land area recommended for the forest cover to maintain proper ecological balance in India is ?
Ans. 33% 

Q.3 How many divisions are there in Haryana ?
Ans. Four.

Q.4 Which of the following is not a computer programming language?
Ans. Microsoft 

Q.5  Which of the following district's border of Haryana is not touching the bank of Yamuna river ?
Ans. Rohtak

Q.6 On Sunday the 12th June, 2016 by defeating the China player in the final match Saina Nehwal become.........badminton champion?
Ans. Australian open 

Q.7 In 1857 Which of the following Nawab of Farukhnagar took on British?
Ans. Options are wrong. Nawab Ahmed Ali Khan, took part in the India's First War of Independence in 1857.

Q.8 In the 61st film fareawards presented on Jan.15,2016, who won the best actor female award for her roll in the film piku?
Ans. Deepika Padukone.

Q.9 In Haryana twisted bread is sign of which of the following ?
Ans. Purchase of Animal 

Q.10 Who is the cabinet minister of Finance in the Govt. of India?
Ans. Arun Jetly 

Q. 11 Which is the anticoagulant substance in blood ?
Ans. Heparin 

Q.12 Chaudhary Charan Singh Agriculture University is situated in which city?
Ans. Hisar 

Q.13 The major harmful gas emitted by automobile vehicle which causes air pollution is ?
Ans. Carbon mono-oxide 

Q.14 Chines traveler Hieun tsang came in Haryana in the reign of which emperor?
Ans. Harshvardhan 

Q.15 Which of the following star is closest to the earth?
Ans. Sun 

Q.16 16% of a number if 8 what is 12% of that number?
Ans. 6

Q.17 Who is the first state poet of Haryana ?
Ans. Udaibhanu Hans 

Q.18 The ratio of the length and breadth of a rectangle is 5:3 if its area is 135 sq.cm. what is its perimeter ?
Ans. 48 cm

Q.19 Agroha Dham is famous in all over India due to which reason ?
Ans. Due to Maharaja Agrasen

Q.20 At what rate of simple interest per annum can Rs.25600 get simple interest of Rs.6144 for three years?
Ans. 8 p.c.p.a.

Q.21 In Haryana King Janmeyjay is associated with which of the following city?
Ans. Safidon 

Q.22 In the below given series which number comes next?
Ans. 127

Q.23 Largest livestock farm is located at which of the following place ?
Ans. Hisar

Q.24 If '+' means '-', '-'  means 'X', 'X' means '/' and '/' means '+' then 2-50+40X10/4=?
Ans. 100

Q.25 Sonipat city is famous for which industry ?
Ans. Bicycles 

Q.26 Pandu Pindara sacred place ls located nearest to which city?
Ans. Jind

Q.27 Across which of the following rivers Almatty Dam is built?
Ans. Krishna river

Q.28 Which of the following fair is often held in Gurgaon in Chaitra and Ashadh months ?
Ans. Sheetla Mata

Q.29 The author of Malgudi Days is ?
Ans. R.K.Narayan 

Q.30 Who was the last king of Ballbhagarh who showed his courage in 1857 freedom struggle ?
Ans. Nahar Singh 

Q.31 Who was the first non-congress chief mister of Haryana ?
Ans. Rao Birender Singh 

Q.32 The cost of 7 desks and 9 chairs is Rs. 7212 what is the cost of 21 chairs and 27 desks ?
Ans. Can not be determined 

Q.33 Which canal originates from place called Tajewaala of Haryana?
Ans. Western Yamuna Canal

Q.34 Which of the following points lie in the third quadrant of graph paper?
Ans. P(-5-2)

Q.35 Jewellery worn in the feed is formed from which of the metal ?
Ans. Silver

Q.36 If RSTU is coded as UTSR, how is JKLM is coded?

Q.37 Where Haryana's first Military school is established ?
Ans. Kunjpura 

Q.38. A,B,C,D,P,Q,R,S, are seating in a circle facing its centre, A and B P and Q C and S R and D are facing each other, C is seating in the middle of A and P D is immediately to the right of A, who is seating immediately left of B ?
Ans. S

Q.39 Harshvardhan era's copper coins have been found from which place of Haryana ?
Ans. Sonipat 

Q.40 find the missing number 
5    4     1
6    2     4
9    3     ?
Ans. 6

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