26 Sept 2021

Answer Key Haryana Police Sub-Inspector (Female) Exam 26.09.2021 Evening

Answer Key (Un-official) Haryana Police Sub-Inspector (Female) Exam 26.09.2021 Evening All Codes

Q.1 Which one of the following sports persons from Haryana is related to some other game....?
Ans. Komal Gurjar

Q.2 Operation Durga is related to...?
Ans. Protection of the women.

Q.3 The temple of Sheetala Mata is situated in Gurugram, Where is Manasa Devi mandir is situated ?
Ans. Panchkula 

Q.4 Sardar Hukam Singh is famous for..?
Ans. Recommendation for the new state of Haryana 

Q.5 Prime Minister launched the campaign 'Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao' in Haryana. On this occasion which actress was present?
Ans. Praneeti Chopra 

Q.6 Which one of the following is related to the Golden Quadrilateral Project?
Ans. Road Plan

Q.7 In which year was Haryana Police Act was notified ?
Ans. 2007

Q.8 The battle of Plassey was fought between ?
Ans. Siraj-ud-Daula and the English 

Q.9 Which of the followings is mentioned in Anandmath ?
Ans. Sanyasi

Q.10 When did the Quit India movement start ?
Ans. 8 August, 1942

Q.11 Who is the first preceptor to give 'Bhakti' the status of Philosophy?
Ans. Ramanuj

Q.12 Who is known as Andhra Bhoj ?
Ans. Krishnadeva Raya

Q.13 स्त्रीलिंग शब्द का चयन कीजिये-
उत्तर- स्थापना 

प्रश्न-14 सरस्वती का पर्यायवाची शब्द 
उत्तर- वीणापाणि

प्रश्न-15 'कोई इर घाट तो कोई बीर घाट' का अर्थ बताइए
उत्तर- ताल-मेल न होना

प्रश्न-16 गौशाला में कौन-सा समास है? 
उत्तर- तत्पुरुष 

Q. 17 Choose the correct passive construction-
Ans. On last Sunday the Zoo of Pipli was visited by us.

Q.18 Choose the odd one word
Ans. Solvent 

Q.19 Correct use of preposition 
Ans. Between 

Q.20 I know.... bit of everything 
Ans. a little 

Q.21 Which of the following awards is awarded by the Government of Haryana to male sports persons for their lifetime contribution to sports?
Ans. Maharana Pratap Award

Q.22 ..... Computers are used in big institutions like insurance and banking where any people have to use the same data
Ans. Mainframe 

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