30 Dec 2016

Answer Key/ Solved Paper HSSC Junior Coach Exam. 25.12.16

Q. 1 1st December is celebrated as-
Ans. World AIDS day.
Q.2 What is the maximum strength of the Lok Sabha according to constitution?
Ans. 552
Q.3 Who has won the International Children's Peace Prize 2016?
Ans. Kehkashan Basu 
Q.4 Which state has 100% literacy rate in India?
Ans. Kerala
Q.5 Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna is concerned with-
Ans. Financial inclusion
Q.6 World war-I was originated in-
Ans. Europe 
Q.7 The Cold War was between-
Ans. Soviet Union and America
Q.8 The main aim of Vittiya Saksharata Abhiyan is-
Ans. Awareness about the cashless economic system.
Q.9 What is the sex ratio in India according to census 2011?
Ans. 940
Q.10 Who won the Noble Prize of Economics in India?
Ans. Amartya Sen 
Q.11 Complete the series:
3, 4, 8, 17, ?
Ans. 33
Q.12 Complete the series:
Ans. U
Q.13 Complete the series:
Ans. Satellite
Q.14 If in a certain language MOVIE is wtitten as PQYLG, what will be written as BNTQS?
Q.15 Find the odd one out?
Ans. Teacher 
Q.16 If (a+b)2=25 .....
Ans.  B
Q.17 Complete the series:
Ans. B
Q.18 If ABC=6, EFB=60 the CGH= ?
Ans. A
Q.19 Complete the series:
Q.20 Complete the series:
Ans. 102136
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