15 Sept 2020

Haryana GK Quiz 21

Mitathal, which is also known as "Eastern Domain" of the Indus or Harappan Civilization, is located in which among the following districts of Haryana?

The Indian National Lok Dal of Haryana was founded by____________.

Which Chief Minister of Haryana passed the ordinance to ban liquor in 1996 in Haryana?

The newly inaugurated ESIC Medical College & Hospital is located at _________ in Haryana.

Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC) has set up two Food Parks – one at Rai (Sonipat district) and the other at ________.

Who amongst the following is a children's poet of Haryana and translated English language story "The Arab and his Camel"?

___________ of Haryana was honoured with "Hasya Ratna" and is also considered as one of the most famous Hindi humour poet who used to recite poems by singing.

Which writer of Haryana is the founder of "Zubaan Books"?

Saraswati Wildlife Sanctuary is in __________ city of Haryana.

Chilli Lake is in ________ district of Haryana.

You got out of 10 correct.

The correct answers are

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