21 Sept 2019

Answer Key & Solved Paper HSSC Clerk Exam 21.09.2019 Evening

Answer Key & Solved Paper HSSC Clerk Exam 21.09.2019 Evening. All Codes 

Q. 38 If orange is called butter, butter is called soap, shop is called ink, ink is called honey and honey is called Orange, which of the following is used for washing clothes.
Ans. Ink
Q. 39 Which function allow us to access a file in a non sequential or random mode?
Ans. Seek and Tell 
Q. 40 Who was the first Chief Minister of Haryana?
Ans. Bhgwat Dayal Sharma
Q.41 Saccher formula was introduced in which year?
Ans. 1949
Q.42 Which of the following is/are government schemes for the promotion of sports in Haryana?
Ans. All the above
Q.43 What is the strength of judges in Punjab and Haryana Court?
Ans. 48
Q.44. Which of the dance is mainly performed in marriage ceremony?
Ans. Ghodi Dance
Q.45 In Python which data is unordered and mutable?
Ans. Sets
Q.46 The volume of a parallelopiped whose co-terminal edges are the vectors?
Ans. 22
Q. 47 If a current loop carrying a current I with an entrance and area enclosed by the current is it a then the magnetic dipole moment is given?
Ans. m=NIA
Q. 48 Choose the pair of word that shows the same relationship as given in the pair?
Ans. Insect:Ento,ology
Q.49 When was Seema Aayog formed to decide upon separation of Punjab and Haryana?
Ans. October, 1965
Q.50  If the data attribute of the class and the method attribute are the same off then the data attribute will be given?
Ans. Lower Priority 
Q.51 Who was the first speaker of Haryana Legislative Assembly ?
Ans. First Speaker was Birender Singh & First Woman Speaker was Shano Devi
Q.52 Choose the pair of words that shows the same relationship as given by the pair
Ans. Earth:Grass
Q.53 Where is the Haryana Public Service Commission is located?
Ans. Panchkula
Q.54 Which one of the following is not a database?
Ans. SAK
Q.55 Lala Lajpat Rai actively participated in the Swadeshi andolan from which district?
Ans. Hisar
Q.56 On which of the following subject both Union and State Government can make laws?
Ans. Concurrent list subjects 
Q.57 Which of the following space Agencies involved in in Bepi Colombo mission and unnamed spacecraft carrying a two probe into orbit of mercury?
Ans. European and Japan Space Agencies
Q.58 In 1984 which of the following in Haryana most famous film song is most popular?
Ans. Chandrawal
Q. 59 Beej bachao andolan (save the seed) was initially started in?
Ans. Uttrakhand
Q.60 In Narnaul area which state is bordered from three sides?
Ans. Rajasthan 
Q.61 If a means
Ans. 5
Q.62 A non empty subset H of a group G is said to be subgroup if 
Q.63 Study of diagram given below to answer the following questions
Ans. G
Q.64 In which year Punjab and Haryana high court shifted to Chandigarh?
Ans. 1955
Q.65 Which one of the following is true with regard to Mahayan cult of Buddhism?
Ans. All the above
Q.66 The district in which should have highest number of Gram Sabhas?
Ans. Panipat
Q. 67 The value of
Q.68 In database a relation means a 
Ans. Tuple '
Q.69 If x=
Ans. 2, 7
Q.70 EDTA is .... ligand
Ans. Hexadentate
Q.71 In a code language SOLID is written as WPSLPIMFHA. What dose the code word ATEXXQIBVO refer to 
Ans. Water
Q.72 Which of the following plants is established at Bapoli in Panipat?
Ans. Oil Refinery 
Q. 73 Inter Section of subgroups of a group is 
Ans. a subgroup of G
Q.74 Who wrote the book Amuktamalyada?
Ans. Krishnadevaraya
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