23 Dec 2018

Haryana Police constable (Male) Answer Key-iv Morning 23.12.18 All codes

Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper-III Haryana Police constable Male (General Duty) Exam 23.12.2018 (Morning) All codes

Q.76 Which one of the following statement about cold war is wrong?
Ans. It is an ideological war
Q.77 To contest in Loka Sabha Election one must attain
Ans. 25 years 
Q.78 A set of n value X1, x2,...xn....
Ans. Sigma (Option A) 
Q.79 .... enzyme converts glucose into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide 
Ans. Zymase 
Q.80 Value of tqn......
Ans. 1 
Q.81 If sin.....
Ans. 2
Q.82 .... is known as Mini Cuba in India due to the large number of boxers who hail from the region
Ans. Bhiwani 
Q.83 Measles and rubella are caused by 
Ans. Virus
Q.84 In the following series of numbers, find out how many times 1, 3 and 7 have appeared together, 7 being in the middle, 1 and 3 on either side of 7?
Ans. 3
Q.85 An ideal coil of 10 H is connected in series with  resistance of 5 ohm and a battery of 5V. Two seconds after the connection is made, the currrent flowing in ampere in the circuit is 
Ans. (1-e-1) option a 
Q.86 If P(n):2n .....
Ans. >3
Q.87 Charri dance of Haryana is related which of th following festival 
Ans. Googa Navami
Q.88 For 3 sets A, B, C if .......
Ans. Option A (AuBcC)
Fill in the blanks with correct form of verb
Q.89 Yesterday evening the phone .... three times
Ans. rang
Q.90 What is that noise? What .....?
Ans. is happening
Select the speech of each underlined word in the following sentences 
Q.91 He treated in a light hearted manner. 
Ans. Adjective#
Q.92 Alas! she is no more
Ans. Interjection
Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition
Q.93 I was shocked .... what I saw. I'd never seen anything like it before 
Ans. At 
Q.94 I can't understand people who are cruel ... animals
Ans. to 
प्रश्न-95 दांतों तले ऊँगली दबाना मुहावरे का अर्थ है
उत्तर- आश्चर्य होना
प्रश्न-96 हम आँखों से देखते हैं इस वाक्य में आँखों से कौनसा कारक है 
उत्तर- करण कारक 
प्रश्न-97 इनमे क्रिया विशेषण है
उत्तर- धीरे धीरे 
प्रश्न-98 लड़की जाती है यह वाक्य अपूर्ण भूतकाल में होता है 
उत्तर- लड़की गयी थी 
प्रश्न-99 यात्रियों के समूह को कहते हैं 
उत्तर- काफिला 
प्रश्न-100 जिसे किसी बात को जानने की इच्छा हूँ उसे कहते हैं 
उत्तर- जिज्ञासु 

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