23 Dec 2018

Haryana Police Answer Key-ii Constable Male 23.12.18 Morning All codes

Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper Haryana Police constable Male (General Duty) Exam 23.12.2018 (Morning) All codes

Q.24 Which two months is a year have same calendar ?
Ans. April and July
Q.25 This king assumed the title of Vikramaditya when he defeated Akbar's Mughal forces in 1556
Ans. Hemchandra
Q.26 The number of possible outcomes when a coin is tosses 6 times is
Ans. 64 
Q.27 Self Respect Movement was started by 
Ans. Ramaswamy Naicker
Q.28 Which of the following is not an example of detabase management system 
Ans. .net
Q.29 A bag contains 5 red and 3 blue balls. If 3 balls are drawn at random without replacement, the probability of getting exactly one red ball is
Ans 15/56
Q.30 Activity of a radioactive sample decreases to 1/3 of its original value in 3 days. Then in 9 days 
Ans. 1/27 of its original value 
Q.31 What is the output of following code?
Class test:
Ans. Old is printed 
Q.32 In India Food Security Act enacted in the year of 
Ans. 2013
Q.33 As per 2011 census, population of Haryana forms approximately... percentage of India's population
Ans. 2
Q.34 From the given alternatives, select the word which can not be formed using the lettes of the word OUTRAGEOUS
Q.35 When  name is encountered during the execution of the program, it searches for that name in the following order
Ans. Built in, enclosing functions, local, global 
Q.36 Chile Saltpetre is 
Ans. NaNo3
Q.37 Value of K for the equation 
Ans. 6
Q.38 Number of district when Haryana was carved in 1966 was 
Ans. 7
Q.39 Department of Information, Public Relations and Language, Haryana brings out a magazine named 
Ans. Haryana Samvad
Q.40 Predict th output of following code 
Ans. 24 (the code is wrong) 
Q.41 A new 2800 Megwatt nuclear power plnt will be setup at this place in Haryana 
Ans. Gorkhpur 
Q.42 Choose the option, which is not included in ntworkin
Ans. Power Transferring 
Q.43 The Article of Indian Constitution which gives special status to J&K
Ans. 370
Q.44 Select the correct one 
Ans. Both are true but II is thee not the correct explanation#
Q.45 National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources is present in 
Ans. Karnal 
Q.46 Surdas was a contemporary of which of the following Mughal ruler
Ans. Akbar
Q.47 Evidence under Indian Evidence Act, means and includes 
Ans. Both A and B 
Q.48 This protected area contains one of the last surviving remnants of Delhi Ridge hill range 
Ans. Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary
Q.49  Select the correct one 
Ans. Only one is correct
Q.50 This Haryana based writer was the editor of Urdu magazine Bharat Pratap 
Ans. Balmukund Gupta 

This key is unofficial. Candidates are advised to consult the official answer keys for confirm answers.
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