18 Nov 2018

Haryana Group-D Answer Keys (Evening) shift 18.11.18 Codes A B C D Part-iii

HSSC Group-D Answer Keys (Evening) shift 18.11.18 Codes A B C D Part-iii (Un-Official)

Q. Wires of same material of ..... and equal diameters are first .... and then in parallel in a ....the same potential difference. ... heat produced in series to ..would be.
Ans. 4:1
Q. ABC, AB= UR21 cm AC=9 cm and BC= 2UR 15 ....
Ans. 90 Degree
Q. If the equations 3x-ay=9 and x+y =3 represent the same line then a=
Ans. -3
Q. The value of cot 12 cot 38 cot 52 cot 60cot 78 is
Ans. 1/UR3
Q. A person walks 10 km South, taking left turn walks 12 km, again turning left walks 15 kms. How far is he from the starting point?
Ans. 13 km
Q. If P(E)= 0.38 then probability of not E is 
Ans. 0.62
Q. Four cubes each of side 4 cm are joined end to end. The surface area of the resulting solid is 
Ans. 288 cm2
Q. Five year ago a women's age was the square of her son's age. Ten years later her age will be twice that of her son's age. Find the present age of the women.
Ans. 30 years 
Q. If O is the zero of th polynomial 
Ans. 0
Q. The value of x and y satisfying the equation (a-b)x+(a+b)y= 2a2-2b2......
Ans. Option A x=2ab-a2+b2/b, y= (a-b)(a2+b2)/b(a+b)
Q. Groth hormone in animals is secreted by
Ans. Pituitary gland 
Q. Which of the following form an AP?
Ans. 5,5+UR5,5+2UR5,5+3UR5, ....
Q. During day when the stomata are open the transpiration pull becomes the major driving force in the movement of water in the xylem
Ans. True
Q. The distance between the points (-a, -a) and (b, b) is 
Ans. UR2(a+b)
Q. The sum of two digit number and the number obtained by reversing the order of its digits is 121 and the two digits differ by 3. Then the number is 
Ans. 47 or 74 
Q. Metal which are good conductors of heat among the following
Ans. Silver
Q. Area of circle inscribed in a square of side 4 cm is 
Ans. Option D 4 cm2
Q. The type of mirror used in solar furnace is 
Ans. Concave mirror
Q. ..... is an ingredient in antacids
Ans. NaHCO3
Q. Solution of the equation
4x2-4a2x+(a4-b4)=0 are
Ans. a2-b2/2, a2+b2/2
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