18 Nov 2018

Haryana Group-D Answer Keys (Evening) shift 18.11.18 Codes A B C D Part-ii

HSSC Group-D Answer Keys (Evening) shift 18.11.2018 Codes A B C D Part-ii

Q. Rani jhansi Marine National Park is situated in
Ans. Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Q. Majaalis Ulnisa is written by 
Ans. Altaf Hussain Haali
Q. Consider the following statement and choose the right one
Ans Both A and B are wrong 
Q. Haryana comes second after ... in cattle breeding in India.
Ans. Tamilnadu #
Q. Read the following statement 
Ans. Both A and B are right 
Q. Complete the analogy
Ans. Director 
Q. Who was the Prime Minister when 3rd tier government i.e. Panchayat  and Municipalities had been constituted ?
Ans. Narasimha Rao 
Q. A Musical instrument with single string attached to a Bamboo piece is called as
Ans. Iktara
Q. Find the word which is different from the other 3 options given 
Ans. Citizen 
Q. To welcome rains .... festival is celebrated in Haryana.
Ans. Teej 
Q. The age of retirement of Chief Justice of Supreme Court is
Ans.  65
Q. The Tajewala barrage is located on the river
Ans. Yamunanagar
Q. Cow slaughter in Haryana is punishable with ..... under Gauvansh Sanrakshan Law.
Ans. Rigorous imprisonment ranging from 3 to 10 years
Q. Which of the following is true about Home Rule League Movement in India?
Ans. This compelled British Rulers to come up with August declaration 
Q. Integrated Child Development Project has been introduced mainly to
Ans. Reduce infant mortality rate 
Q. European Union has its headquarter in 
Ans. Brussels 
Q. According to a Legend, Nature came into being in Haryana because of the boon given by 
Ans. Brahma
Q. Sunder Dass is a 
Ans. Hindi 
Q. Lala Lajpat Rai participated in Swadeshi Andolan from ... district of Haryana.
Ans. Hisar
Q. Anagpur Dam is also known as..... Dam
Ans. Gravity Dam
Q. The national food security act 2013 provides
Ans. Both are right 
Q. if 11th November fell on Sunday then 27th of November of the same year was on 
Ans. Tuesday
Q. Kalka constituency comes under the district of
Ans. Panchkula 
Q. ..... river is believed to be the part of sapta sindhu region.
Ans. Saraswati
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