24 Sept 2017

Answer Key-II Sub Inspector Food & Supplies Exam 24.09.2017 Morning A B C D

Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper of Written examination for the post of Sub-Inspector (Food & Supplies, Department, Haryana, against Advt. No. 7/2015, Cat. No. 10 held on 24.09.2017 Morning codes A B C D

This key if unofficial. Candidates are advised to consult the official answer key for confirm answers, which will be uploaded by the HSSC on its official website i.e. www.hssc.gov.in 

Q.26 Which district is known as the Sripad Janapad?
Ans. Kurukshetra 
Q.27 Which district of Haryana has come under the list of the Smart city?
Ans. Karnal
Q.28 How many districts are there in Haryana currently?
Ans. 22
Q.29 Who was the leader of the Pataudi during the Revolt of 1857?
Ans. Akbar Ali
Q.30 Which place do Geeta Phogat and Babita Phogat belong to?
Ans. Kalali
Q.31 Whose role film actor Aamir Khan played in the movie Dangal?
Ans. Mahavir Singh Phogat
Q.32 Who is the first women to win the commonwealth Gold Medal?
Ans. Geeta Phogat
Q.33 How many solar lighting systems will the Haryana Government install under the Manohar Jyoti Scheme?
Ans. 100000
Q.34 Who established the Zamindar League in the year 1924?
Ans. Choudhary Chhotu Ram 
Q.35 Haryana State Cooperative Bank Started to function from-
Ans. 1970
Q.36 Bhakt Puranmal's fair is organized in which place of Gurugram?
Ans. Kasan 
Q.37 Which Governor has the longest tenure in Haryana?
Ans. B N Chakrborty 
Q.38 Who among the following was not the Chief Minister of Haryana?
Ans. Hari Anand Barari 
Q.39 National Dairy Research Institute was established in Karnal in the year?
Ans. 1955
Q.40 Who among the following is not a hockey player?
Ans. All are hockey players. 
Q.41 Which among the following participants in the London Olympic was not a resident from Haryana?
Ans. Sushil Kumar 
Q.42 Which among the following statements is not true?
Ans. Gurugram is the most populated district of Haryana
Q.43 Which among the following district has a population less than ten lacs?
Ans. Rewari 900,332
Q.44 Rajiv Gandhi Parivar Bima Yojana was started by the Haryana Govt. on 
Ans. 1April, 2006
Q.45 Under the National Family Benefit Scheme the head of the 18-65 years age BPL family is given monetary compensation amount to the tune of
Ans. 10,000
Q.46 Under the Apni Beti Apna Dhan Yojana the Haryana Govt. on the birth of the girl child gives..... as cash emoluments to the poor women. 
Ans. 500/- 
Q.47 On 23rd September 1857, which patriot was hanged before the Red Fort?
Ans. Abdurrahman Kha
Q.48 Ch. Lohari Singh was related with which district ?
Ans. Sonepat
Q.49 Who is known as the 'Haryana Hurricane?
Ans. Kapil Dev
Q.50 Ch. Bansilal had been the Chief Minister of Haryana for 
Ans.  Three Times 

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