24 Sept 2017

Answer Key-I Sub-Inspector Food & Supplies Exam 24.09.2017 Morning A B C D

Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper of Written examination for the post of Sub-Inspector (Food & Supplies, Department, Haryana, against Advt. No. 7/2015, Cat. No. 10 held on 24.09.2017 Morning codes A B C D

This key if unofficial. Candidates are advised to consult the official answer key for confirm answers, which will be uploaded by the HSSC on its official website i.e. www.hssc.gov.in 

Q.1 Polar bear:Greenland::Snow Leopard:?
Ans. Afghanistan
Q.2 Product:Customer solution::Promotion:?
Ans. Public Relation#
Q.3 Find the odd one- AE AI IO EI
Ans. AI
Q.4 Find the odd one- BDW DFU FHS GIQ
Ans. GIQ
Q.5 Find the odd one- DG2 EK5 JR6 PY8
Ans. JR6
Q.6 Which subject does the 40th book belong to?
Ans. Literature 
Q.7 What is the position of the last book of Psychology ?
Ans. 38th
Q.8 Counting from the right to which subject does the 39th book belong?
Ans. History 
Q.9 If the day after tomorrow is Saturday, what day was three days before yesterday?
Ans. Sunday
Q.10 Find the missing terms- 5,2,7,9,16,25,?
Ans. 41
Q.11 Find the missing terms- 11,10,?,100,1001,1000,10001
Ans. 101
Q.12 Find the missing terms- 90,180,12,50,100,200,? 3,50,4,25,2,6,30,3
Ans. 150
Q.13 How many such digits are there in the number 3246759 each of which will occupy the same position when rearranged in ascending order as in the number?
Ans. One 
Q.14 What will be the next term in the following series?
Ans. F
Q.15 How many such pairs of letters are there in the word RECRUIT each of which has as many letters in the same sequence between them in the word as they have in the English alphabet?
Ans. One 
Q.16 to 20
M,N,P,Q,R,S and T are sitting around a circle facing the centre. P is second to the left of S and third to the right of M. T is third to the left of S. Q is not an immediate neighbor of S. N is not an immediate neighbor of M.
Q.16 Who is third to the right of N 
Ans. None of above#
Q.17 Who is second to the left of M?
Ans. S#
Q.18 Who is sitting between P and S?
Ans. N#
Q.19 How many Persons are sitting between Q and S?
Ans. Two or Three# 
Q.20 Who is sitting between T and M?
Ans. None of the above#
Q.21 Find the missing character- 
Ans. V
Q.22 Find the missing character-
Ans. 22
Q.23. How many blocks are there in the figure 
Ans. 16
Q.24 How many meaningful English words can be formed with the letter ARILT using each letter only once in the word?
Q.25 Q types faster than R but not as fast as V. T types faster than R. S types faster than V. Who among the five of them types the fastest ?
Ans. S

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