13 Aug 2017

Answer Key-III Assistant Secretary HSAMB Exam. 13.08.2017 Morning A B C D

Answer Key (Unofficial)/ Solved Question Paper Assistant Secretary HSAMB Exam. 13.08.2017 Morning shift Codes A B C D 

Q.54 The bulk of organic matter in manure helps in
Ans. Both B and C (Water Holding capacity and Soil Structure)
Q.55 Which of the following is helpful in grain storage ?
Ans. Neem leaves and turmeric 
Q.56 Jhum Cultivation is prevalent in 
Ans. Manipur 
Q.57 Which one is green manure crop 
Ans. Sun hemp 
Q.58 Large scale societies with cities obtain most of their food with which of the following?
Ans. Intensive Agriculture 
Q.59 India is the leading producer of which of the following agriculture products?
Ans. Cotton 
Q.60 Match list one to list two
Ans. IARI-New Delhi
Q.61 Which one of the following types of pesticides is convenient to control stored grain pests 
Ans. Fumigants# 
Q.62 Improper handling and storage of cereal grain and oil seeds result in the production of toxins known as aflatoxins, which are not generally destroyed by normal cooking process. Aflatoxins are produced by
Ans. Moulds 
Q.63 Fruits stored in a cold chamber exhibit longer storage life, because?
Ans. Rate of Respiration is decreased
Q.64 The Indian seed Act was passed in the year 
Ans. 1966
Q.65 The principal alkaloid in opium is 
Ans. Morphine
Q.66 Nutritious Magnesium is found in
Ans. Gypsum 
Q.67 Who was the first Director General of ICAR ?
Ans. B.P.Paul 
Q.68 AGMARK is related to/with 
Ans. Quality 
Q.69 The Panchayat Raj System was recommended in India by?
Ans. Balwant Ray Mehta 
Q.70 The project Directorate of Biological Control is at 
Ans. Bengluru 
Q.71 IARI is at 
Ans. New Delhi 
Q.72 Khaira disease of rice occurs due to 
Ans. Deficiency of zinc
Q.73 Pusa Jwala is a variety of 
Ans. Chilly 
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