13 Aug 2017

Answer Key-II Assistant Secretary HSAMB Exam. 13.08.2017 Morning A B C D

Answer Key (Unofficial)/ Solved Question Paper Assistant Secretary HSAMB Exam. 13.08.2017 Morning shift Codes A B C D 

Q.21 Which region of the State was made the capital of his reign by Goerge Thomas?
Ans. Hansi 
Q.22 During Babar's regime, Rajput ruler Mohan Singh Mandar had his State in which part of Haryana? 
Ans. The Pargana of Kaithal 
Q.23 In the fourth Convention of Congress held in 1888 at Allahbad, which important national leader participated as the leader of Hisar district?
Ans. Lala Lajpat Rai 
Q.24 Who was the first non-Congress Chief Minister of Haryana elected on 24th March, 1967?
Ans. Rao Birender Singh
Q.25 Which medieval ruler established Hisar as a castle in the year 1354?
Ans. Firoz Tughluq

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Q.31 If the length and breadth of a rectangle is increased by a% and b% respectively, than the area will be increased by
Ans. (a+b+ab/100 )% #
Q.32 In the given figure, OP=PQ=14 cm and....
Ans. 88 cm 
Q.33 Consider the following statements and select the correct answer from the options given below-
Ans. (2) is true 

(Question Paper pages not received) 

Q.51 To throw down the glov
Ans. To give a challenge 
Q.52 Find out which part of a sentence has an error
Ans. To what district
Q.53. Find out which part of a sentence has an error
Ans. Who of the servant 

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