20 Aug 2017

Answer Key-II Wild Life Guard Exam 20.08.2017 Morning A B C D

Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper HSSC Wild Life Guard Exam held on 20.08.2017 Morning against Advt. No. 12/2015 Cat. No. 9. Codes A B C D

Q. 21 Spectacles used for viewing 3D films have
Ans. Polaroids 
Q.22 The high boiling point of water compared to hydrogen sulphide or hydrogen chloride is due to 
Ans. Hydrogen bonding
Q.23 What will happen if the star having mass greater than five times of the sun is dead?
Ans. Black hole will form 
Q.24 Which of the following isotopes can be used for the production of atomic energy ?
Q.25 Planets do not twinkle because 
Ans. They are nearer to the earth and hence we receive a greater amount of light and therefore minor variation in the intensity of light are not noticeable .
Q.26 The age of tree is estimated by?
Ans. Counting the number of annual rings
Q.27 The first metal used by man was
Ans. Copper 
Q.28 The headquarters of International Court of Justice is at?
Ans. Hague 
Q.29 A passage to England was written by 
Ans. Nirad C. Chaudhuri
Q.30 The book Indica was written by
Ans. Megasthenes
Q.31 The capital of India was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi in 
Ans. 1911
Q.32 Time taken by sun light to reach earth is 
Ans. 8 min 18 sec 
Q.33 The leading producer of gold in the world is 
Ans. South Africa 
Q.34 In which session of the Indian National Congress, Vande Mataram was first sung?
Ans. 1896
Q.35 Who is the father of civil service ?
Ans. Lord Cornwallis 
Q.36 The largest fresh water lake in India is ?
Ans. Wular lake 
Q.37 The sky looks blue because of 
Ans. Selective scattering of radiation by atmosphere 
Q.38 Which mineral is considered to be the hardest ?
Ans. Diamond 
Q.39 Tropical cyclones are known as hurricanes in 
Q.40 The name of the state where density of population is lowest is 
Ans. Arunachal Pardesh 
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