16 Jul 2017

Answer Key Panchayat Officer/ SEPO exam 16.07.17 Morning-IV Code A B C D

Answer Key-cum-Solved Question Paper (Unoffical) for the post of Social Education and Panchayat Officer- SEPO exam held on 16.07.2017 Morning for all the codes A B C D

Q. In the protest of Rolect Act who had returned all his rewards and medals to the British?
Ans. Lala Murlidhar# 
Q. A stone of mass 4000 gram is attached to a string 1000 cm long and is whirled in a horizontal ........
Ans. 40 m/s#
Q. The reason to keep us awake and sometimes sleepy even when we are not tired is due to a hormone called-
Ans. Adenosine 
Q. Bureaucrats marry only intelligent girls. Tanya is very intelligent.
Tanya will marry a bureaucrat.
Tanya will not marry a bureaucrat.
(A) Only conclusion I follows
(B) Only conclusion II follows
(C) Either I or II follows
(D) Neither I nor II follows
Ans. Either I or II follows
Q. The coordinate of foot of the perpendicular drawn from the point (2, 5, 7) on the x axis is-
Q. Bird flue is caused by influenza virus type-
Ans. H5N1 
Q. Haryana region was the part of which Maurya King's state ?
Ans. All of the above 
Q. Today is Monday. After 61 days, it will be
Ans. Saturday 
Q. Fatehabad city colonized in the name of whom?
Ans. Fateh Khan 
Q. The dimensional formula of co-efficient of viscosity is-
Ans. [M-1L-1T-1]
Q. Whos Protector and Custodian Persecutor Bairam Khan was?
Ans. Akbar
Q. A subgroup of G=(1, -1, i, -i) under multiplication is-
Q. How many members of BJP government are in Haryana Legislative Assembly ?
Ans. 47
Q. President Pranab Mukharji during the Republic Day parade in New Delhi presented ..... to widow of Mukund Vardarajan.
Ans. Ashok Chakra
Q. Which of the following handloom product of Karnataka has been registered under geographical indication of Goods Act, 1999?
Ans. Mysore Silk Saree 
Q. Zr and Hf have similar atomic and ionic radii because 
Ans. of  Lanthanide contraction 
Q. The tomb of Khwaza Khizra made by Ibrahim Lodi is in which city ?
Ans. Sonipat 
Q. Choose the pair that best represents a similar relationship as
Ans.  tire : bicycle
Q.Which is the famous temple protected by Haryana Government where many visitors come whole year?
Ans. Mata Sheetla Temple Gurgaon 
Q. The gas used for artificial ripening of fruits is 
Ans. Ethylene 
Q. In which book Haryana is called as Bahudhnyak
Ans. Mahabharat 
Q.  The cost price of 20 articles is the same as the selling price of x article. If the profit is 25%, then the value of x is-
Ans. 16
Q. For more food production in Haryana which mode is in the use?
Ans. All of the above 
Q. If a b c d are coplnar then......
Q. In Kurukshetra district on which route Jyotisar pilgrimage is located ?
Ans. Kurukshetra- Pehwa route
Q. The units of rate and rate constant for a certain reaction are the same. The order of the reaction is-
Ans. 0
Q. Where is the age of Mahabharat, Bheemeshwari temple located?
Ans. Bery
Q. If R is the relation on the set R of all real numbers defined by aRb if and only if 
Ans. Reflexive and symmetric 
Q. In which of the following Meiosis occurs?
Ans. Anther 
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