16 Jul 2017

Answer Key Panchayat Officer/ SEPO exam 16.07.2017 Morning-V code A B C D

Answer Key-cum-Solved Question Paper (Unoffical) for the post of Social Education and Panchayat Officer- SEPO exam held on 16.07.2017 Morning for all the codes A B C D

Q. Name of the surgeon who performed the first neonatal heart surgery in the country on a 9 day old baby a successful operation in medical history?
Ans. Devi Shetty 
Q. Before AD the mighty king of Haryana was of which dynasty?
Ans. Kuru#
Q. A goods train runs at the speed of 72 km per hour and crosses a 250 meter long platform in 26 second, what is the length of the goods train?
Ans. 270 meter 
Q. Photo electrons are emitted when 
Ans. Zinc plate is irradiated with light of suitable frequency 
Q. In which district the remains of Seeshwal culture firstly found 
Ans. Hisar 
Q. If A= (a/1 0/1), B= ......
Ans. -1
Q. Flower of an angiosperm is a modified 
Ans. Shoot 
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