21 May 2017

Answer Key_IV Tracer Exam 21.05.2017 Advt. 7/2015 Cat. 2 A B C D

Q.76. As showed in the picture the four angles has to be-
Ans. 90.
Q.77. 6 feet by 6 feet is 
Ans. 36 Square feet
Q.78. Where do you think the sunlight is falling on the object here?
Ans. From my left top
Q.79. By seeing the character of the light and dark tonal veriation and few other details 
Ans. Can make out it is a glass object
Q.80. In the process of teaching or introducing pencil shading to any students it is natural that we start from?
Ans. #

Q.81. The picture shown below is 
Ans. Triangle 
Q.82. In square, all 4 sides 
Ans. Are equal 
Q.83. What is radius?
Ans. It comes in circle 
Q.84. Mention the line which shows the Diameter of a circle 
Ans. C
Q.85. Which are the three primary colours ?
Ans. Red, Blus, Yellow
Q.86. In which medium artist does not use or not supposed to use white colour ?
Ans. Oil colour 
Q.87. In Graphite pencil, what does HB stands for?
Ans. Hard black
Q.88. Smudging is 
Ans. Is allowed in traditional pencil shading method.#
Q.89. Cross Hatching comes in 
Ans. Tracing 
Q.90. A doodle is a drawing of 
Ans. It can be random abstract pattern. 
Q.91. In below which is the first stage of child developments in art?
Ans. Scribbling
Q.92. In shading to get the light tone you can use
Ans. HB pencil 
Q.93. The Indian Painter Raja Ravi Verma was born in 
Ans. Kerla 
Q.94. Which is name of the water colour which is red here?
Ans. Scarlet Lake 
Q.95. What happens if you mix the colours Red and Yellow ?
Ans. Orange 
Q.96. Water colour is a-
Ans. Transparent colour#
Q.97. The word Chiaroscuro means
Ans. The treatment of light and shade in drawing and painting. 
Q.98. Art-The basis of Education written by-
Ans. Devi Prasad
Q.99. Choose the right word for perspective 
Ans. Side angle of an object#
Q.100. What is origami 
Ans. Paper folding art without using Scissor.

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