21 May 2017

Answer Key-III Tracer Exam 21.05.17 Advt. 7/2015 Cat. 2 A B C D

51. Which is the favourite form of Udaybhanu Hans?
Ans. Poetry writing 
Q.52. EVM stand for?
Ans. Electronic voting machine 
Q.53. Which pleasure of aesthetic emotion (Rasa) is principally ther in songs related to water shore (Panghat) in Haryana ?
Ans. Shringar 
Q.54. Currency of United Kingdom is 
Ans. Pound 
Q.55. Hill Station "Coonoor" is located in 
Ans. Tamil Nadu
Q.56. Where is the birth place of Shankar Jadugar?
Ans. Elnabad 
Q.57. C and D are sister, A and B are brothers. D's brother is A's son. How is B related to C?
Ans. Uncle
Q.58. PANKO is written as OBMLN, SAROD may be written as-
Q.59. In which month, the crop of Kharif is generally sown?
Ans. Sawan-Bhadon 
Q.60. Which of the following has the fractions in descending order?
Ans. B 
Q.61. Expansion of IIFA is 
Ans. International Indian Film Academy 

Q.62. Who was the last Mughal Emperor of India?
Ans. Bahadur Shah-II
Q.63. The latitude that pass through Sikkim also pass through?
Ans. Rajathan 
Q.64. Opposite of BLEAK 
Ans. Bright 
Q.65. Opposite of SEIZE
Ans. Release 
Q.66. Opposite of WORTH
Ans. Useless 
Q.67. Rhyming word to 'down' is 
Ans. Town 
Q.68. Past tense of the verb 'sleep' is 
Ans. Slept 
Q.69. AFFECT is a...
Ans. verb 
Q.70. फल शब्द का अन्यवचन रूप है -
उत्तर- फल 
प्रश्न-71. 'खाना' का प्रेरणार्थक रूप है-
उत्तर- खिलाना 
प्रश्न-72. मुश्किल का विरुद्ध शब्द है-
उत्तर- आसान 
प्रश्न-73 टोपी शब्द का बहुवचन रूप है-
उत्तर- टोपियाँ 
प्रश्न-74. सज्जन इसका विरुद्धार्थक शब्द है 
उत्तर- दुर्जन 
प्रश्न-75 घोडा शब्द का स्त्रीलिंग रूप है-
उत्तर- घोड़ी 

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