1 May 2017

Answer Key / Solved Question Paper-II Anganwadi Supervisor Female 30.04.17

Q.26. Which place Gorge Thoms made his Capital in 1797?
Ans. Hansi 
Q.27. Which is incorrect for good fuel?
Q.28. In which district Nahar wildlife sanctuary is situated?
Ans. Rewari
Q.29. Figure ..... 
Ans. 70 
Q.30. Fill in the blanks A and B
Ans. A=2, B=6 
Q.31 Blood component which provides immunity is 
Ans. WBC
Q.32. India's First Nuclear Plant to generate 1000 MW of power is
Ans. Kundankulam, TAmil Nadu
Q.33 A die has been thrown four times.....
Ans. 4
Q.34. In which district of Haryana dose Ghaggar river not flow?
Ans. Bhiwani
Q.35. Who is considered as a successful hero in Haryanvi movies?
Ans. Devishankar Prabhakar
Q.36. Which among the following lakes is visited the most by foreign tourist?
Ans. Sultanpur 
Q.37. Which fruit is cultivated most in Haryana?
Ans. Mango
Q.38. Kakroi micro hydro electric power project is located on which canal?
Ans. Western Yamuna Canal 
Q.39. The value of .....
Ans. a+b 
Q.40. Who is speaker of 16th Lok Sabha?

Ans. Sumitra Mahajan 

Q.41. Which chemical equation is balanced 
Ans. C
Q.42. Mohan Singh Mandhar revolt against-
Ans. Babar
Q.43. Fathers is 6 time elder then son......
Ans. son-6, father-36.
Q.44. On which Guru's advice did Banda Bahadur renounce sanyas and fight war?
Ans. Guru Gobind Singh 
Q.45 Which one of the following is not a prime number?
Ans. 91
Q.46 Which is the official language of Haryana?
Ans. Hindi
Q.47. Which amount's interest will be Rs. 270 in a period of 6 months with simple interest rate of 9%?
Ans. 6000
Q.48. Which of the following is a combination reaction?
Ans. A
Q.49. The scheme of financial help to children of Prisoners is approved by .....Govt.
Ans. Delhi 
Q.50. In the folklore Alha which essence has the most importance ?
Ans. Heroic Essence 
Q.51. World Press freedom day is celebrated on
Ans. 3rd May
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