1 May 2017

Answer Key / Solved Question Paper-III Anganwadi Supervisor Female 30.04.17

Q.52. Haryanvi Sangi from Meerut
Ans. Kishanlal Bhatt 
Q.53. Sant Surdas got his music education form which Aacharya?
Ans. Sant Haridas
Q.54. Arrange the word in dictionary order-
Ans. Addict, Addition, Admire and Admission 
Q.55. Which crop is most produced in Haryana  
Ans. Wheat 
Q.56. Form which place of Haryana manuscript and a terracotta tablet bearing the seven musical notes found 
Ans. Agroha 
Q.57. The range of human hearing is generally considered to be 
Ans. 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Q.58. Agartala is the Capital of which State ?
Ans. Tripura
Q.59 Question not visible in the paper received 
Q.60. This is the evidence of evolution of birds from reptiles by modification of some structures-
Ans. Archaeopteryx
Q.61. India's first aquaculture pathology laboratory called CAPLIS is in-
Ans. Sirkali, TamilNadu
Q.62. Which of the following statement is not true for compost and green manure?
Ans. Decreases soil aeration and its temperature# 
Q.63. The least common multiple (LCM) of two numbers is 840 and the HCF is 14, If one of the numbers is 42, then the other number is-
Ans. 280
Q.64 Who was the editor of the weekly magazine 'Haryana Tilak'?
Ans. Pt. Sri Ram Sharma 
Q.65.Find the missing term in the series-
Ans. 13  
Q.66 Her ..... earned her many rewards (diligent)
Ans. diligence
Q.67 His action looks very ......(suspicion) 
Ans. suspicious
Q.68. Yesterday, I.... up early in the morning.
Ans. woke 
Q.69 The found it difficult to cross the treacherous frozen lake.
Ans. Dangerous 
Q.70. A cut mount looks more elegant than a plain mount. 
Ans. graceful
Q.71. The building is made of ...... bricks 
Ans. hollow
Q.72. Mr. Shankar has decided to..... as manager of the football team.
Ans. quit

Q.73. The Police inspector believed that the latter part was not credible unlike the .... part of the story.
Ans. First
Q.74. I went to Delhi..... attend a conference.
Ans. In order to 
Q.75. ..... my best efforts, I could not win the election.
Ans. inspite of 
प्रश्न-76 महान शब्द की भाववाचक संज्ञा है-
उत्तर- महानता 
प्रश्न-77 इनमे सर्वनाम शब्द है 
उत्तर- उन्होंने 
प्रश्न-78 सही संधि विच्छेद करें 'रामावतार'
उत्तर- राम+अवतार
प्रश्न-79 सीता ने दो....खाए|
उत्तर- केले 
प्रश्न-80 इनमें विशेषण है-
उत्तर- मोटा
प्रश्न-81 राम ने रोटी खाई | इस वाक्य में रोटी कारक है-
उत्तर- कर्म 
प्रश्न-82 परिश्रम का समानार्थी शब्द है-
उत्तर- मेहनत 
प्रश्न-83. अकलबंद का विलोम शब्द है-
उत्तर- अकलमंद 
प्रश्न-84 घर का बहुवचन रूप है- 
उत्तर- घरों 
प्रश्न-85 चोर का अन्य लिंग रूप है-
उत्तर- चोरनी
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