28 May 2017

Answer Key Mandi Supervisor Exam. 28.05.2017 (Evening) A B C D

Answer Key cum Solved Question Paper Mandi Supervisor Exam. held on 28.05.2017 Evening against Advt 07/2015, Cat. 17 code A B C D 

Q.1. Which incident led to riotic condition on 30th January, 1970?
Ans. Announcement of handing over Chandigarh to Punjab
Q.2. Bhindawas wildlife sanctuary is situated in which district?
Ans. Jhajjar
Q.3. Which cricket player is associated with Pataudi Nagar?
Ans. Nawab Mansoor Ali
Q.4. Who was the eminent writer to use Haryanvi in Jain Poetry?
Ans. Sridhar
Q.5. Ratnavali is tha famous writing of which poet?
Ans. Harshvardhan 
Q.6. Agroha Dham is known in entire India 
Ans. Due to Maharaj Agrasen 
Q.7. The first Sainik school of Haryana is situated in
Ans. Kunjpura 
Q.8. Swami Dayanand Saraswati on reaching Rewari first started
Ans. The Goshala (Cowshed)
Q.9. On which language did Lord Macaulay first show his atrcity?
Ans. Sanskrit
Q.10. In the Mutiny of 1857 the bravers of Haryana were defeated
Ans. All of the above

Q.11. In Haryana how was the Khilafat Movement protested?
Ans. All above 

Q.12. to 24 are subject related 

Q.25. Match the following 
Ans. Non of the above
Q.26. 1 HP= ..watt.
Ans. None of ablve 
Q.27. To increase octane number.....added to petrol
Ans. Tetraethyllead
Q.28. Ordinary glass is a solid mixture of 
Ans. Silica, sodium, silicate and calcium silicate 
Q.29. Cement containing .... amount of lime ....
Ans. excess crack, less, weak 
Q.30. It is because of the higher ... of sea water it is easier to swim in the sea
Ans. Density
Q.31. Soaps and detergents lower the ... of water?
Ans. Surface tension
Q.32 Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana in which each member of the Parliament has to adopt a village for development was launched on the Birth Anniversary of 
Ans. Jay Prakash Narayan 
Q.33. Which organization has launched a mobile application named Pashu Poshan on 7th July 2015 
Ans. National Dairy Development Board 
Q.34. Which organization among the following has released the firs Environmental Democracy Index?
Ans. world resources Institute
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