28 May 2017

Answer Key Mandi Supervisor Exam. 28.05.2017 Evening A B C D P-II

Answer Key cum Solved Question Paper Mandi Supervisor Exam. held on 28.05.2017 Evening against Advt 07/2015, Cat. 17 code A B C D 

Q.35. Which state have a University of Disability students 
Ans. Uttar Pradesh (According to official Key- Kerala) 
Q.36. Which State/ UT has the highest forest cover 
Ans. Mizoram 
Q.37 Where was the Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav Programme launched by PM on 25th March, 2015?
Ans. Patna 
Q.38. Which among the following in not an object of Deendayal Upadhyay Gram Jyoti Yojana?
Ans. Providing free electricity to farmers 
Q.39 Which among the following was the first major rural development programme of Independent India?
Ans. Community development programme 
Q.40. For the given sequences of food grains in India, which one is correct in the decreasing order of production?
Ans. Rice, Wheat, Coarse, cereals, Pulses 
Q.41. The first biosphere reserve of India is located in
Ans. Nilgiri 
Q.42. The name of the first cloned sheep was ?
Ans. Dolly 
Q.43. At the ...........Green revolution ?
Ans. Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh
Q.44.Which among the following countries has the largest livestock population in the world?
Ans. India 
Q.45. What percent of rural households is indebted in India?
Ans. 31%

Q.46. Which of the following is the basic territorial unit of administration in India?
Ans. Village (According to Key District) 
Q.47. One manpower is considered equal to how much horsepower (HP) 
Ans. 0.1
Q.48. The flowering period of which one of the following is called as 'Mrigbahar'?
Ans. Guava
Q.49. Arboriculture is related to-
Ans.  Cultivation of Wood Plants 
Q.50. What is the percentage ratio of butter and ghee in mixed milk on extraction?
Ans. D option 
Q.51. Butterscotch is a new commercial variety of -
Ans. Rose (According to Key Marigold)
Q.52. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is.... filled in cylinders under high pressure. 
Ans. Natural Gas
Q.53. Hydraulic press, hydraulic brakes, hydraulic door closers are application of-
Ans. Pascal's Principle 
Q.54. Which factory is located in Faridabad 
Ans. All above 
Q.55. In which district of Haryana the cultivation of mustard is the most?
Ans. Mahendergarh 
Q.56. Space scientist Kalpana Chawala was born in the city of 
Ans. Karnal 

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