28 May 2017

Answer Key Mandi Supervisor Exam. 28.05.2017 Morning A B C D P-II

Answer Key cum Solved Question Paper Mandi Supervisor Exam. held on 28.05.2017 Morning against Advt 07/2015, Cat. 17

Q.21. Ratnavali is the famous writing of 
Ans. Harshvardhan 
Q.22. West Yamunangar (Canal) has been cut out from the river Yamuna in the area of
Ans. Tajewala 
Q.23. In Haryana, Copper coins of the Harshvardhana era has been found at-
Ans. Sonipat
Q.24 Who was the first non-Congress Chief Minister of Haryana?
Ans. Rao Birender Singh 
Q.25. Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang came to Haryana under the reign of emperor 
Ans. Harshvardhan 
Q.26. Find the correctly spelt word-
Ans. Erroneously 
Q.27. Find the correctly spelt word-
Ans. Demurrage 
Q.28. Write in passive voice- He sent me a present 
Ans. A present was sent to me by him.
Q.29. Write in passive voice- Kill the snake
Ans. Let the snake be killed 
Q.30. The young man was well dressed because-
Ans. He want to impress the salesman 
Q.31. The manager asked the young man what he wanted because-
Ans. The salesman had drawn his attention to the indifferent attitude of the young man.
Q.32. The statue was so----- that people stared at it in horror.
Ans. Grotesque
Q.33. I don't know where but I could guess a/an.....
Ans. hazard
Q.34. Meaning of the word- Twain
Ans. Couple 
Q.35. Meaning of the word- Levitate 
Ans. To rise
Q.36. Choose opposite word- Gruesome 
Ans. Pleasant 
Q.37. Choose opposite word- Stripped 
Ans. Covered 
प्रश्न-38. कुम्हार, सुनार, लोहार आदि जातियों की उपयोगिता गाँवों में भी बहुत है-
उत्तर- तद्भव प्रत्यय 
प्रश्न-39. उषाकाल में भ्रमण हेतु जाना चाहिए-
उत्तर- तड़के
प्रश्न-40. विपरीतार्थक शब्द बताएं- अभिजात्य 
उत्तर- अकुलीन 
प्रश्न-41. विपरीतार्थक शब्द बताएं- अभीप्सित 
उत्तर- अवांछित 
प्रश्न-42. सही वर्तनी वाला शब्द छांटें  
उत्तर- ईर्ष्या 
प्रश्न-43. शुद्ध वाक्य चुनें
उत्तर- आप उनसे सम्पर्क करें 
प्रश्न-44. शुद्ध वाक्य चुनें
उत्तर- आपका देश सुंदर है 
प्रश्न-45. उचित क्रम चुनिए-
उत्तर- र,व,य,ल 
प्रश्न-46. प्राचीन काल में तपोवन स्वर्ग माने जाते थे-
उत्तर- विसर्ग 
प्रश्न-47. जो कुछ पढ़ा जाए उसे यदि हृदयंगम भी कर लिए जाए तभी पढना सार्थक माना जाता है-
उत्तर- व्यंजन 
Q.48. The Election Commission comes under which articles?
Ans. 324 to 329
Q.49. What is the name of the tax which is imposed to collect the extra revenue for government 
Ans. Surcharge
Q.50. How many members of the State Legislative Council are elected by the Assembly?
Ans. 1/3 of the members
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