28 May 2017

Answer Key Mandi Supervisor Exam. held on 28.05.2017 Morning P-III

Answer Key cum Solved Question Paper Mandi Supervisor Exam. held on 28.05.2017 Morning against Advt 07/2015, Cat. 17

Q.51. Somalian current is found in the 
Ans. Indian Ocean
Q.52. In which year was the first train in India journeyed ?
Ans. 1853
Q.53. Vidyapati wrote his songs in 
Ans. Pali 
Q.54. Name the Mughal ruler who was a vocal singer-
Ans. Akbar  
Q.55. Which is the largest mica-producing centre of India?
Ans. Koderma 
Q.56. What is the document published by the government to appraise the public on any issue ?
Ans. White Paper
Q.57. Louis Jourdan was a-
Ans. French actor
Q.58. The Punjab Agriculture Produce Marketing Act 1961, extends to- 
Ans. Option C (Both)
Q.59. On supersession of committees the assets of a committee are vested in the Board and when no new committee is appointed the board
Ans. Should employ the balance of the assets for any object of public utility 
Q.60. Bye laws U/C 44 have to be made by a committee within.... months from date of establishment 
Ans. 6
Q.61. a.Indian Colza- Sarson
b. Rochet- Tara Mira
c. Arum- Arvi
d. Cowpeas- Lobia
Q. 62 to 77 are subject related 

Q.78. What will come in the place of question mark?
2, 5, 7, 12, 19, 31, 50, ?
Ans. 81
Q.79. If an equilateral triangle has the height of 12 cm.......
Ans. Option B
Q.80. The monthly income and monthly expenditure ration of A and B are 5:6 and 4:5 respectively. If both of them can have 500 as monthly saving, then what is the Income of A?
Ans. 2500/-
Q.81. Find out the least number which when multiplied by 45, the result becomes a perfect square 
Ans. 5
Q.82. Consider that O is the centre of the circle----
Ans. 40
Q.83. (175)2-(175)2=?
Ans. 25000

Q.84. If a=
Q.85. If the fractions ....
Ans. 2/3
Q.86. 1 hectare=?
Ans. 10000
Q.87. The side of the square----
Ans. 36m2
Q.88.The sum of two numbers is 24 and the sum of their square is 386 than one number is 
Ans. 19
Q.89. of (I).....
Ans. A option 
Q.90. A wheel rotates 15 times each minute. How many degrees will it rotate in 12 seconds of time?
Ans. None 
Q.91. Which of the following countries has decide to phase out all its nuclear  power plants by 2022?
Ans. Germany 
Q.92. Ten rupee note contain the signature of-
Ans. The Governor, RBI
Q.93. Arrange the following words as per the dictionary order
Ans. Denote, Depict, Detach, Devise, Digest
Q.94. Who shall appoint the finance commission?
Ans. President 
Q.95. Name the father of the Green Revolution in India?
Ans. Dr. M.S. Swaminathan
Q.96. Positron has the same charge as 
Ans. Proton
Q.97. Blackfoot disease is caused by?
Ans. Arsenic 
Q.98 What is the maximum number of the elected members in the Rajya Sabha?
Ans. 238 According to key 250
Q.99. Which State of the following has announced 17th September as Industry Day?
Ans. Maharashtra 
Q.100. Which State in India shares maximum number of State boundaries ?
Ans. Uttra Pradesh
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