19 Dec 2016

Solved Question Paper/ Answer Key Statistical Assistant Exam 18.12.16 A B C D

Q. First Time the President's rule was imposed in Haryana on-
Ans. 21 November, 1967 
Q. Which of the following constituency belongs to SC category?
Ans. Shahbad 
Q. The tenure of Shrii Bhagwat Dayal Sharma, as first Chief Minister of Haryana was- 
Ans. 1966-67
Q. In which city the tomb of Ibrahim Lodhi situated?
Ans. Panipat 
Q. When did the famous Second battle of Panipat between Akbar and Hemu take place?
Ans. 1556
Q. Which of the following place of Haryana was the political and social work place of Lala Lajpat Rai?
Ans. Hisar 
Q. Area-wise which of the following is the largest district of Haryana?
Ans. Bhiwani 
Q. Which one of the following is not the river of Haryana?
Ans. Tapti
Q. Asbestos, Slate and Lime stone all three are found in the district-
Ans. Mahendergarh 
Q. which of the following canal project recently is in news due to dispute between Punjab and Haryana?
Ans. Satluj-Yamuna Canal Link Project
Q. The Highest dam in India is-
Ans. Tehri Dam
Q. Who prepares the National Youth Wellbeing Index?
Ans. The Center for Strategic and International Studies and the International Youth Foundation 
Q. Who is the 44th Chief Justice of India?
Ans. Jagdish Khehar
Q. If xy=17 and x+y=9, then find the value of x2_y2.
Ans. 47
Q. A dealer of commodity x marks her goods 30% above its cost price and allows a discount of 10% on it. Find out her profit percent.
Ans. 17
Q. Boxing:ring:: ?
Ans. Football:ground 
Ans. QTT 
Q. 3, 5, 9, 17, 33, ?
Ans. 65 
Q. All students of economics have studied statistics and mathematics. It means that-
I. All statistic students might not have studied economics.
II. All mathematics students might not have studied economics.
Ans. Both are correct 
Q. Needle is to tailor as costume is to-
Ans. Dancer 
Q.In a certain code TABLE is written as VCDNG. The code for CHAIR is 
Q. 256:021018::(?):031812
Ans. 394
Q. Mobile:battry::Car:?
Ans. Fuel
Q. A man's wages were decreased by 50%. Again the reduced wages were increased by 50%. He has loss of 
Ans. 25%

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