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19 Dec 2016

Solved Question Paper/ Answer Key-ii Statistical Assistant Exam 18.12.16 A B C D

Q. What will be reminder when (6767+67) is divided by 68 ?
Ans. 66

Q. 753 x 753 + 247 x 247 - 753 x 247= ?
    753 x 753 x 753 + 247 x 247 x 247
Ans. 1/1000
Q. The HCF of two numbers is 23 and the other two factors of their LCM are 13 and 14. The larger of the two number is-
Ans. 322
Q. Which nation has won the 2016 Women's Twenty 20 Asia Cup Cricket Tournament?
Ans. India 
Q. What is the main objective of make in India?
Ans. Raise Infrastructure 
Q. Who got the noble prize of peace in 2016?
Ans. Juan Manuel Santos
Q. Who is the chairperson of NITI Aayog?
Ans. PM of India 
Q. How many goals and targets have been set in Sustainable Development Goal 2016?
Ans. 17 goals and 169 targets 
Q. The Heart of Asia Conference 2016 was held in?
Ans. India  
Q. Who has become the first woman President of the All India Tennis Association (AITA)?
Ans. Praveen Mahajan
Q. Reaction between Sodium sulphate and Barium chloride is ?
Ans. Double displacement 
Q. Calcium floats on the surface of water because-
Ans. Hydrogen bubbles stick on the surface of calcium 
Q. Which metal react with HNO3  to produce hydrogen?

Ans. Mg
Q. Which one is an olfactory indicator?
Ans. Turmeric
Q. Which one of the following does not has any digestive enzyme?
Ans. Bile
Q. The most important function of villi in the small intestine is
Ans. to provide increased surface area for absorption of digested food.
Q. Which blood vessel carrying blood from lung to heart?
Ans. Pulmonary vein 
Q. Blue colour of sky is due to ?
Ans. Scattering of light
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