24 Jun 2016

HSSC Solved Question Paper LDC Exam. 23.06.2016 Advt.03/2016 Cat.3 Part-II

HSSC Answer Key (Unofficial) and Solved Question Paper LDC Exam. held on 23.06.2016 (Morning) Advertisement 03/2016 Cat. No. 03


Q.41 At which place Ch. Chotu Ram was boarn?
Ans. Gadi sampla 

Q.42 A person standing before a furnace receives most of the heat by?
Ans. Radiation 

Q.43 Which of the following religious and historical place is located in Lakhan Majara ?
Ans. Manjisahib gurudwara 

Q.44 A person want to see his full erect image in the same size, which of the following can he use?
Ans. Convex mirror

Q.45 Maharaja Agrasen is associate with?

Q.46 Decibel is the unit used for?
Ans. Intensity of sound 

Q.47 Which of the following city is famous for manufacturing of scientific instruments?
Ans. Ambala

Q.48 Helpful in skin diseases hot water reservoir is located at which place?
Ans. Sohna

Q.49 Which part of the sentence contain error- 
Deepa was unhappy that she could not be able to attend Veena's marriage ceremony 
Ans. That she could 

Q.50 Fill in the blank-
Viney was...... best student in the class.
Ans. The

Q.51 Choose the word same in meaning as 'distinctly'
Ans. Clearly 

Q.52 Choose the word opposite in meaning 'invariably'
Ans. Always

Q.53 Fill in the blank-
Unless he ...... the books he has borrowed, he can not get his deposit back
Ans. Returns 

Q.54 How selfish they are!
Ans. The above sentence is exclamatory sentence 

प्रश्न-55 उड़ना की भाववाचक संज्ञा रूप है?
उत्तर- उड़ान 

प्रश्न-56 जो सबसे आगे रहता है उसे .... कहते हैं?
उत्तर- अग्रणी 

प्रश्न-57 शुद्ध शब्द है-
उत्तर- अध्यापक 

प्रश्न-58 इनमें व्याकरण शुद्ध वाक्य है-
उत्तर - सभी विद्यार्थी शिक्षक से प्यार करते हैं|
प्रश्न-59 सांप का पर्यायवाची शब्द है?
उत्तर पन्नग 

प्रश्न-60 राम ने रोटी खाया, यह वाक्य .... में है?
उत्तर- भूत काल 

Q.61 Environment is synonymous with 
Ans. Situational variables

Q.62 Focus on social environment is related to ?
Ans. Unity of direction 

Q.63 Redeemable preference shares is?
Ans. Non-current assets 

Q.64 A gross profit is transferred to the ....side of the profit and loss account
Ans. Credit 

Q.65 Market with one buyer and one seller is called ?
Ans. Bilateral Monopoly 

Q.66 How many sellers are present in duopoly ?
Ans. Two

Q.67 A situation in which the number of competing firms is relatively small is known as ?
Ans. Oligopoly 

Q.68 Effective direction does not depend on the 

Q.69 Techniques of managerial control are useful in 

Q.70 To indicate the functions of management the catch word POSDCORB was coined by?
Ans. Luther Gulick

Q.71 Foreign trade helps each country to make ..... use of its natural resources
Ans. Optimal

Q.72 The concept of cost of capital is useful in

Q.73 Long term financial assistance for development purpose is provided by?
Ans. World Bank 

Q.74 Main motives for holding cash are 
Ans. All of these 

Q.75 Minimum wages are not guaranteed under 
Ans. Incentive plan 

Q.76 The human resources theory does not lay emphasis on 

Q.77 Bank classification is possible according to 
Ans. All the above 

Q.78 In which year Saving banks were first established in Hamberg city of Germany?

Q.79 The statement "commercial banks are the institutions that makes short term loans to business and in the process create money" is given by ?
Ans. Culberston 

Q.80 India is member of ?
Ans. All the above 

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